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Major Change is Needed It's funny when I see young mothers conversing with a newly born baby or a slightly older one in English. It becomes cheesier when you find the elite class hiring Filipino maids. Many mothers in the elite classes are perhaps lost too much in shopping, fashion and in parties. They don't have time for their children. And you find young children left in the care of nannies or placed in front of the television. As they grow up, many mothers feel that teaching them is simply not a part of their job and hence they are sent to tuition centres to help them become Einsteins.

Many Pakistani mothers proudly announce that their children can't speak in their native language. It is a proud announcement. I even know educated Pakistanis that copy gora sahib by the book. The husband smokes cigars and the wife has wine or vodka. In some cases, the whole family; a Muslim one joins in the fun and have vodka together.

As a young man, 12 years back, I ran into a couple of British born Pakistani brothers who refused to associate themselves with Pakistan in any way. This is a stigma that is quite common amongst Pakistanis born abroad. Then you have a wannabe crowd that readily copies everything from foreign cultures. As a result the walk, talk and act like them. Many of these clowns and parrots are unaware of their history, culture and religion. They are complexed and lost. Many of them buy their vision of life in the west from Hollywood movies. These movies are their bibles for living life.

Many of us are taken in by the negative aspects of their cultures and not the positive ones. Dance parties, dating, consumption of alcohol, smoking marijuana, etc are just some of them. These are all poison and detrimental for the welfare of any society. Do we want to copy the American society where bastards are born every minute, where there is incest, homosexuality and a high rate of failed marriages (60 percent). Today the average dud in America is unaware of God and the Day of Judgement. For many of them it's just a story.

However what they do have is a sincere and honest approach to life. There leaders have worked for a better and stronger United States of America. Yes there is a fair degree of tolerance in USA and that's why Muslims, Jews and Christians live side by side having the same rights as the citizens of USA. The people love to acquire knowledge and work hard to contribute toward the community, society and country.

Everyone respects the law for there are laws that everyone including the President and Prime Minister follow. There is humility, courtesy and discipline amongst the people. The people are proud of their culture, language and heritage.

The people work for one another and not against each other. What fascinates me is that people don't feel any shame in getting educated at an older age. They all have a dream and its never too late to work for that dream.

On the other hand in Pakistan, the average bloke can't afford education or is simply not interested. The government officials, the bureaucrats and businessmen are answerable to none and working for their self-interests; the common man can go to hell.

The welfare of the nation is not on the minds of those that rule or those who live within the country. There seems to be a tussle for acquiring wealth by hook or crook.

It doesn't matter how it comes. The system is corrupt and money syphoned for development is divided and shared as booty amongst government officials. Corruption and corrupt people exist at every level within society. They have made life miserable and contributed to a society that is decadent and heading towards imminent disaster. Already there is no gas, fuel and water. What next?

Each minister takes in 1 crore rupees per month and contributes nothing to the nation. There are 5 crore children aged 5-19 years old who are not in schools. And they are the future of Pakistan; it is a grim future. Businesses are suffering and shutting down because of high energy costs. Hence unemployment is on the rise. My question is that if such conditions persist, what future does the younger generation have in Pakistan.

It's time that the system was revamped; a major change is needed. The change should come from within us. As individuals we need to be more conscious of what is wrong and what is right.

It is a shame that the moral degeneration and corruption of society being bought by shopkeepers who sell porno movies to people of all ages goes unchecked. They are destroying the raw minds of the youth.

There are maulvis and ulema who react only upon the blasphemy law being repealed. Alas their eyes seem shut to all other un-islamic activity within the nation.

On every street and in every corner, there sits a man who practices black magic and who promises the consumer a lot; most of this is advertised and yet no action is taken against these men and women. We have tarot card readers, astrologers and palmists who have set up businesses to fool people. They frequently appear on television shows.once again all of this is un-islamic and should be curbed.

There are about 600,000 quacks in Pakistan that pose as medical doctors. No one apprehends them and stops them. The poor and the illiterate often frequent their places because medical care is expensive. However they are gambling with their lives.

To be exact, the law is weak and therefore criminals aren't afraid of being apprehended for their crimes. The police force and system is dilapidated and most of the officials are corrupt. Because there is no accountability, they participate in or are responsible for many crimes. Answerable only to the rich and powerful, they are a loose cannon. It is quite common for honest police officials to be transferred to other towns, villages and cities if they dare to apprehend criminals associated with big wigs sitting in government.

In short it can be said, that much of the police is on the payrolls of feudal lords, politicians, sitting ministers, etc. It is a dangerous mix and hence crime is rampant especially in Karachi where unfortunately one of the political parties namely the MQM is a terror outfit; a MAFIA controlled by a man who sits in Britain.

Karachi, the hub of industrial activity in Pakistan has for decades been the caucus and centre of political instability, ethnic and religious conflict. Had there been law and subsequent peace in this important city, it could have been another Dubai but it is not. It is no hidden secret that the MQM expects each citizen to pay them a certain amount of money if they want to remain in Karachi and they don't want to die. Governments have turned a blind eye to what this political party does. It's a cancer that such have been operated upon and removed a long time back but nothing is done to remove it.

It is the same way that tribal leaders in Baluchistan have impeded growth in their province. A majority of the people in this province are poor and they are so because tribal elders and leaders in this province have been too focused upon living lives like warlords and kings.

Most of their subjects have been deprived of education and basic amenities. They have perhaps been made to believe that it is the government that is their enemy and not their warmongering tribal elders. Blowing up educational institution for women in these areas is despicable and not Islamic at all. Locking up women within the confinements of the house has never been ordered in the Holy Quran. Nor is there any verse which suggests that they can't work with the men. However there ought to be strict laws in place that protect women from sexual harassment.

In Sindh, Baluchistan, NWFP and parts of Punjab, honour killing is not looked down upon. It is okay for members of a family to hunt down the boy and girl that have eloped with one another. The police have been unable to protect such couples. So many couples have been murdered within the premises of a court. It just shows that there is no law within this country.

It is because of this lawlessness and insecurity that the ministers, politicians and bureaucrats have purchased luxury bullet proof Mercedes and BMW's and hired an entourage of police officials to protect them night and day. Tax payer's money is used to finance all the expenditures of these parasitic individuals. Whilst the common man suffers, these parasites and callous buffoons live lives of luxury and corruption.

It is even more unfortunate that these lying and cheating bastards are voted in by the common man again and again. There just doesn't seem to be any choice. It is a collection of illiterate and literate corrupt men and women with no conscience and morality that sits in the seats of power. To be very candid, corrupt politicians that are jailed or assassinated are treated with great respect. It is unfortunate to consider Benazir Bhutto as a Shaheed. She is on record one of the most corrupt politicians that we have had.

Each man and woman occupying any position of power seeks to abuse it. All of us seem to suffer from dementia because even after having witnessed the corruption of PPP and PML-N, we are perfectly willing to vote them in again and again. Those who are elected into power are more concerned with covering the large amounts spent during election. They have little or no love for contributing to society and country. As a consequence you have parasites in power. Better do away with them than have them around.

Businesses suffer on account of high fuel and gas prices. The common man suffers on account of unemployment and increased cost of living. Incomes are low and savings are negative. The pension schemes are simply not enough to sustain a human being and there is no unemployment compensation. Therefore survival is a nightmare for the common man especially. Education is simply out of reach for a majority of the 180 million people living in this country.

No new dams were built, power houses constructed or efforts made for spreading literacy in the country. No efforts were made to curbing population growth or corruption. Institutions such as Pakistan Railways ,Pakistan Airlines and WAPDA have all suffered on account of corrupt and illiterate ministers with little knowledge and interest in their development. Each government has always made special appointments for their workers within these institutions. Recruitment has not been made on merit and hence these institutions are losing concerns today.

Power generation companies such as WAPDA and KESC have also suffered on account of power theft and because local provinces had not been paying their dues for so many years. As receivables amounting to billions of rupees were not paid by provinces, the power generation companies became losing concerns.

Textiles had been a sector that contributed a lot to Pakistan's economy during Musharraf's tenure in power. However attention was not paid towards building much needed dams or power houses. Moves were not made to invest more and increase agricultural production. As a consequence of bad economic planning and implementation, Pakistan has rolled into times where there seems to be a shortage of energy resources.

We have not been able to educate our human resources and neither have we invested in harnessing and holding onto educated men and women who drift away to other nations where they can enjoy a good life. They will be contributing to the economic progress and prosperity of those nations. Yes they may send home some foreign remittances but guess what a corrupt government will quite often spend that amount for their welfare and not that of the country.

At present, there are only 700,000 people who pay their taxes regularly; that is our tax base. Unfortunately many politicians and business men and industrialists don't believe in paying taxes. When those in power don't become a good role model, the citizens wouldn't like to pay taxes simply because those that are in the seats of power are corrupt and insensitive to the common man. However I wouldn't support or advocate such theft.

People make societies and corrupt men and women make corrupt societies. We are breeding corruption and immorality and there seem to be no limits to it. Imagine the top officials of Bait ul Mal embezzling billions of rupees and important officials responsible for arranging for hajis making billions by arranging costly accommodation for them.

We have many beauty parlours that serve as conduits for prostitution. There are so many models that serve as mistresses for rich men. You have massage parlours that act as playgrounds for homosexuality. We have clubs and hotels that offer clients booze and prostitutes as well. It is no hidden thing that most of our politicians enjoy cheesy women for sex and booze to knock them unconscious. Therefore what sort of an Islamic nation are we?

Islam was introduced to an Arab world where women were buried alive and treated worse than slaves. They had no rights and treated as common cattle. The people were superstitious and worshipped many deities. There was plenty of vulgarity as well. The people used to walk about the KAABA naked. Therefore the Prophet Muhammad was sent as the light that would educate the Arabs and the entire world about what GOD expected of His race. Education and the acquisition of knowledge for both sexes occupies an important place in religion as is waging jihad against hypocrisy, shirk and immorality. Anything that was a danger to the Muslim way of life was to be removed.

True faith cant be characterized by walking around in flowing gowns, chadars, cloaks and wearing long beards. No, even a hypocrite could do that. Faith lies within your heart and the light of your faith and acceptance of the inevitable truth is a guideline for a believer that stops him or her from performing acts that have been forbidden by God. It is only through patience, prayer and being thankful to god for what you have that you can perhaps be free of discontentment. It is humility, prayer and constant work that you can achieve goals and objectives set by you.

There are numerous constraints and problems, social, economic, financial and physical that people face in their everyday lives. It is discontentment with what one has or is that often causes one to suffer depression, anxiety, stress and nervous breakdowns.sermon mullah