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Lust & Desires

Every now and then, Do you feel this emptiness inside you? Do you feel a pinch from the inside, feels like something from the inside is constantly pricking your heart?

And you cannot figure it out. Whats wrong? everything around you is just absolutely going with the flow and its perfect but what you cannot find is inner peace?

Has it all once ever happened to you?

Yes, it has because we human beings are emotional creatures to us emotions are more overpowering then materialistic desires even when most of our aims, ambitions and goals are materialistic.

In the end we do feel sad for when we hurt someone or when we see someone in pain. let me define my inner peace for you, for me inner peace is giving myself up for someone else's happiness and not expecting it back, makes me feels happy.

In a world full of lust and desires (materialistic) sometimes you just have to stop and see it all run past by and once do something what the world doesn't want you to, do something that makes you happy do something that gives you your inner peace for once do it.

Writing this paragraph down I may or may not be relating to you but yes I know we all feel lost at times we all feel down and alone what we have to remember is that you are not alone somewhere, someone out there is going through a much worse experience of life.

Sit back, relax, pray and never lose hope.

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