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Do we need inspiration?

I think inspiration is needed.

Motivation is bought when you are inspired.

I was listening to this inspirational speaker who said time is the only commodity you can give someone and still not know if you have become richer or poorer. He said if I have $100. I give $20 to charity. I know I have left $80. If I give people my time I don’t know what I have left. We never know when we are going to die. So why should we spend our time in unproductive ways.

Listening to this I got this idea. I want to be a writer. I am not good at it. I try to be better; I don’t know how much better I can be. I have wasted away years of my life doing something I don’t like to do. I didn't like to study. I did my bachelors in business. I didn't like it one bit. It was tiring. Today I started writing this because maybe it is a pathetic paragraph but I’ll be doing something I like and enjoy it. A painter doesn't become a legend in one stroke. I may die tomorrow and I don’t want to die an unhappy person. I would like to smile and share happy tales. Of course they would be fictions but still it would make me happy. It would get a smile on my face and bring about positivity in my being.

I shared this thinking people would call me delusional but it’s ok. I’ll be ok with it. Because everything else I did was to please and impress other people. It was a horrible experience. I was never good enough.

“Oh! Look your grades aren't good enough.”

“Look at your cousin he is going to be a doctor! You couldn't get into medical school.”

What I achieved was never recognized. But what I couldn't do way always paraded. I didn't even enjoy what I did achieve. I went to one of the best business schools. I was one of the few students who were accepted in more than 8000 applicants. I hated it. It was a test of my nerves.

I’ll now do what I like. Without a care what anybody else thinks? After all we only get to live once.

This is what we do. Make a plan.

I think it is a 3idots kind of a story but it is the truth of the matter is; I’ll never be brave enough. I’ll always be lazy. I’ll always want to please my parents. It is hurting me.

I saw this ad and this describes me. “Let the grand ma die in peace. Find a job you want to go to.”

But I’ll still keep holding on to my job.