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Littering in Karachi Go on my friends, litter away.
And you might just, litter your soul one day.

Okay, if you're expecting me to apologize for that wonderfully lame piece of poetry, you're going to be waiting for a long time.

Let me share with you, an experience of mine on the roads of my beloved city. I was admiring the "hot" car in front of me and narrating to my friend, my dreams of how one day I might just have it too. Her abrupt laugh in the middle of my fantasy conversation surprised me.

Looking forward, my question was answered. The man sitting in the car opened the window - and rather conveniently I must add - threw a plastic bag on the road.

I was shocked - and trust me I am not even being dramatic here. I really was shocked. Of course living in a country like Pakistan, I never really did associate anyone - let alone the members of the upper class - with admirable ethics, but this man, with a hell of a car, in a posh area, just threw away the bag like that.

I felt like stepping out of my car, with grand heroism, and teaching him his manners. But alas! My cowardice got the best of me and I furiously muttered about unimaginably poor ethics.

However, it made me ponder. How many of us actually commit that unethical act in the day? I have even come across people who when asked as to why they choose to let their "kachra" fly in the air and pollute the environment, they reply "Arey log hain na, safai waley. Woh kis liye hote hain?" Need I say more?

Yes there are people who clean your litter on the roads. Yes you do not carry dust bins with you. Yes this might seem to you like a petty issue - but it matters. When you don't even want to throw as much as a candy wrapper in your living room, why on earth would you bestow upon Karachi your litter?

Things like these might be shrugged off. They might even be ignored. But, with habits like these is formed our character - which let me remind you, is already frowned upon by half of the world - our identity. If you want to throw your garbage on the roads, and risk people calling you ill-mannered, more power to you.

But, one wrapper in your bag or pocket will not really take away its beauty - or brand for that matter - but it might take away the environment's.


Your kachra is everybody's kachra.garbage in karachi