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Let's Promise to Help Those Who are Fighting Depression!

World Health Day is celebrated on 7th of April, each year. This day is commemorated for the foundation of World Health Organization (WHO). Inaugurated on 7th April 1948 with headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland; the main objective of organization is the health concern of millions of people across the globe.

Years have passed; the World Health Organization celebrates this day with a new theme every year. In 2015, it celebrated the day with theme “Unsafe Food”. In 2016, the organization raised a slogan “Beat Diabetics” for supporting humans fighting with diabetes.

Now, its 2017! The theme of the year is “Depression: Let’s Talk”. What an amazing theme it is! A simple message for curing depression is to talk about it. Let’s talk!

World Health Organization has launched a one year campaign against depression. Nowadays, the word depression is frequently used; be it teens, elders or any other age group. You might have heard “Please don’t disturb me. I’m depressed.”

Depression is a serious and low mood of an individual in which they feel repugnance, hate, irritated and displeased. A depressed person prefers loneliness; has change of thoughts, behaviour and interests.

According to a study, the symptoms of depression are feeling downhearted or disheartened and miserable, feeling guilt-ridden, blameworthy, continuous appetite loss, thinking about suicide and disinterest in routine activities. So the next time you find these symptoms in anyone make sure to help overcome it.

Currently, this depression virus is at its peak all over the world. Every other person is going through depression. A few decades back, depression was an old age disease. But sadly, it has made its way to all age groups.

Talking about youths, depression can be caused by the following reasons:

  • Family Pressures: No doubt, youngsters are the centre of expectations of every parent. But these expectations should not be excessive enough to create a burden for the children. These illusions, expectations are one of the main causes of depression.
  • Education: You might be aware of the famous dialogue “X has achieved an A1 grade. Why can’t you?” Parents should understand that each child is different from others. They should expect only what their child is capable of. No doubt, parents want their children to be successful but they should appreciate what their child is capable of achieving.
  • Career: Stepping into the professional world, this stage is now under tough competition. Every other individual is competent and the choice is hard to make. Moreover, people face frustrations here. Be it due to finding jobs or facing the job challenges. This competitive world is causing far more depression than any other factor.
  • Relationships: Be it a loss of closed one, dispute with any relative, love marriages or any other family matter. Somewhere relationships are also involved in spreading the depression virus. Especially when we talk about the young love. This has destroyed numerous homes and ended precious lives. We are aware of honour killings or suicides due to failed love.

To curb the menace of this virus, let’s talk. The only antivirus is to share the hidden emotions and feelings to someone. Do not hesitate in seeking medical attention. Do not care about what others will think if you are going to a counsellor. We all need help at different stages of our life. You only live once. Therefore, know your worth.

Let’s promise this year that we will fight against the deadly depression. We will help anyone suffering with this virus. We will never make fun of anyone seeking medical attention. Because the saddest part is we do. Let’s vow to defeat it!

You largely constructed your depression. It wasn't given to you. Therefore, you can deconstruct it - Albert Ellis