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Karachi - Dirtiest 'City Of Lights'

The City Of Lights, Mini-Pakistan, Resting place of Quaid-e-Azam. . .

Yeah, right! It’s Karachi. Does the city need any introduction?

Karachi is the largest and densely populated city of Pakistan, second most populous as well as 7th largest city in world. Being located on the shores of Arabian Sea, it possesses two seaports; Port Qasim and Karachi Port.

As for economy, it generates about 25% of the national GDP. It is the centre of attraction for millions of individuals pursuing employment. We keep on observing a common perception ‘Go to Karachi and you will definitely find a job.’

Be it anything, you will find in Karachi. From beaches to hotels and restaurants, offices to schools, colleges and universities, malls to markets, residential to commercial, nothing is missing. Karachi has it all.

It seems a complete life package! But unfortunately, Karachi is losing its worth. At the moment, it doesn’t look like the same old glory as it used to be. While running through the city, you cannot see a single clean street. Debris, garbage, junk, litter, waste, rubbish is scattered all over the entire metropolitan. Currently, there are no arrangements in place to clean the city of this trash completely.

Ever thought about the impression it casts to the foreigners? Think. If your home represents the similar scenario, how others are going to react? Will you be ashamed of keeping your home in such a way? Now think broadly. Karachi is your home! It is being dumped with litters. Why are we ignorant?

In addition to the widespread garbage in the city, we observe that entire city is under construction. Most areas are undergoing constructions without proper planning, preparation, arrangements, designing, devising a strategy. Furthermore, these developments are proceeding at a snail’s pace, causing troubles for the citizens. Civilians are trapped in traffic jams on daily basis for hours. This has become a routine and the credit goes to the unplanned innovations.

Taking into account the current situation of the city, we’re posing a shameless impression on the world outside. Karachi is losing its charm and attraction. No doubt, if things are kept at place, if appropriate procedures are implemented, Karachi will return to its original state of grandeur.

Each single action counts! We must not throw garbage along the roadsides and prevent others from doing so. Instead we must plant trees in the metropolitan to increase its loveliness.

The Government must now wake up from the deep sleep. It must monitor the progress of on-going work in the city and should complete the long outstanding projects. It must assign alternate routes for the traffic to avoid the troubles faced by the citizens daily.

The Government must initiate arrangements to wipe off the dirt, garbage, litter from the city. It must begin the work at grass root levels. If the Government commits to work genuinely, we can win this garbage battle.

We must own Karachi by heart. Break silence and stand up for our land, our home.

I own Karachi. Do you?

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