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It's time for Pakistan to pay the price There's an old saying, it goes something like this "You reap what you sow" and it couldn't be more true than right now. Pakistan created the Taliban to create chaos and destruction in Afghanistan and today all the Pakistanis must pay the price.

Swat is now under the control of the Taliban and sharia law, before long, the same Talibs will move to Peshawar and slowly but surely the entire country will be consumed by these barbaric people. Taliban are not Muslim as they claim to be. Everything they've done is in direct contradiction to the teachings of the Prophet (PBUH) and the holy Quran.

Pakistanis thought that by supporting the Taliban and the terrorist Al Qaeda, they would take over Afghanistan but they forgot one important lesson from history, Afghanistan can never be taken over. Afghans have over 5000 years of history, Pakistanis have only 50.

Afghans are a proud race and hardcore nationalists who at times of war will always unit.

Look at Pakistan right now, it's headed towards destruction. I couldn't be more happy. I want the Pakistani to feel the pain and suffering of living under the Taliban rule. Your days of blogging and going on-line is numbered because as soon as the fool Talibs take over, internet will be history in your country. taliban swat
19 Feb 2009 | 833 Nadir Alvi says: Location: Karachi  Posts: 2
We have discussed all political Issues but did we ever think How much time we have and how much difference is in between us and the Judgment day........... We talk about vulgarity. our normal issues but never about our religion we just try to do away with this type of discussion ................

Why is that so ....................?
28 Feb 2009 | 839 M Aqsad says: Location: Kharian/Punjab/Pakistan  Posts: 4
Since 1951 we r facing much of problem in the form of Generols and crupt political leaders.Now in our politics we have no such leader which is we need leaders like jinah,Mahateer Muhammad,Lallen.which only thinks about nation and brought revolution with help of their knowledge and skils.