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Is Terrorism a Muslim Monopoly ? Terrorism may be defined as " a unlawful act by a single person or by a organized group of people against any person or property with the intention of intimidating or coercing."

Keeping an eye over the above given definition can we say as "Terrorism is monopoly of any religion"..?? I think we can't...Because the intimidating intentions may be carried up by anyone regardless of religion, anyone may be culprit in bringing up the terror among the people. So why Muslims are blamed as terrorists??

Well,I do agree that there may be some Muslim terrorist groups who are engaged with such kind of unlawful acts and bring up the terror among the people but it never mean that all we Muslims should be blamed for a single Muslim terrorist group.

Let me know what you people think about this. Kindly give away your views about this topic. Share your knowledge with me as soon as possible.

Thanks Alot. terrorism