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Interfering in the affairs of Pakistan Yesterday I saw news that King Abdullah of KSA will host an Iftar dinner in the "honor" of Pervaiz Musharraf. There is also news that he may be residing in KSA for times to come. What kind of joke is this? Our "sacred" khadim ul harmain al sharifain is always busy in either rescuing Pakistani politicians, now dictator or Ethiopian dictator etc. etc. They enjoy the sacred status among Muslims mostly due to their wealth not piety. They are one of the most corrupt people on the face of the earth and hide themselves behind the veil of Islam. This is enough. Who are they to interfere in the affairs of Pakistan, they should keep themselves out of this. But I think this is due to the fact that they act like slave of western powers and whatever they are told to, they act dutifully. Hateful and Pathetic. saudi arabia
08 Sep 2009 | 1029 sadatanwar says: Location: Pakistan  Posts: 1

After reading the above above news article, I am convinced that USA will pressurize Pakistan Govt. as well as private news networks to keep silent on the illegal activities of USA/Blackwater in Pakistan.

In order to neutralize the hatred of Pakistanis, USA should address the concern of Pakistani citizens. I am surprised that USA is pressurizing the private news networks by directly writing letter to them.

01 Dec 2010 | 1458 nidu says: Location: Karachi  Posts: 2
We all live in the world filled with conspiracies. It is hard to find the truth. It is even harder to tell others that truth.
WikiLeaks, as we all know, is trying to find the truth and spreading the truth.
But despite the fact information on the WikiLeaks is true or not, the question arises that whether it is independent in its deeds or it is controlled by some powers to achieve some tasks.
As far as information's validation is concern, I thik that most of it is true if not all. This conclusion comes out by observing the reaction of the states which have leaks on the site.
09 Mar 2011 | 1564 Mudassar Chudhary says: Location: lahore  Posts: 1
In the aftermath of 9/11, Musharraf Govt surrendering the will of Public joined hands with USA in order to combat a new form of warfare which existed though in past but widely pronounced after invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq by US forces. The decision was wise or not is a big debate, but one thing has been crystallized that the Man must have weighed this decision and found it less costly to take a U turn instead of backing Taliban Regime and then countering the US forces and a state which shares directly or indirectly a major position in our Budget making. Well, analyzing now in 2011, it appears quite logical that this magnitude of damage was never assessed by us. Perhaps the losses could have been pretty low even at all we had to fight against Americans. Their technological supremacy has been badly challenged by Afghan Taliban and now they are convinced to find out a suitable and respected way to pull out from this menace. Now questions arise to a common citizen of Pakistan, what would be the fate of Pakistan? Would we keep on fighting this war? Shall we keep on sacrificing our people and forces? How much time we shall be requiring to counter this threat? And on other side some people perhaps don't consider it even a threat as it has been manifested in their party agenda? PML (N) never agrees about the presence of Taliban in Punjab? Even party did not include it in its 10 point agenda. Reason given in one of the private channel by Khawaja Saad Raffique is quite interesting that they wanted to give PPP an agenda on which they can show progress in 45 days. A person who can read body language, easily reaches on a conclusion that PML(N) has a soft corner towards Taliban? And in my humble opinion this can be a biggest hurdle in devising a national policy against terrorism? Why do we want to split our nation on various core issues? Why all parties don't clear their stance on Terrorism? a simple answer could be , perhaps Pakistan cannot afford to have another enemy on its western border too and if at all one has to make another U turn, future PML ( N) govt is the most suitable option which could then very openly say that we were never convinced about this war on terror? This was US agenda and we remained against it and we are against it?