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Institutional Inequality of Women in Pakistan

Our social interaction with in the society determines our self-attitude and self-attention towards any individual or set of individuals. Social interaction is also based on different social categories e.g. race, age, ethnic distribution and one of the most considerable category is ‘gender’. These categories are having different attributes and characteristics to interact and deal with them. Different categories also identify the social status and self-autonomy within the society.

In daily day routine, our interaction with others is different due to the category of that person to whom we want to interact. If we talk about the opportunities on the basis of gender, men are always having more number of patents as compare to women in different fields of daily day life. In our society such fields like life sciences, engineering and hard sciences are strongly gender-typed in the favour of men, and on the other hand the participation of women is high in bio-technologies. The main point of concern regarding the adaptation of these different fields is the influence of stereotypical ideologies that exist in our societies and it is somehow traditionally determined.

We as individuals are linked with different institutes and have interaction with different people with in these institutes, these institutes have many organizations that are consist of complex structures that include different attributes, boundaries, norms and procedures. In such types of organizations and institutes, the gender exploitation, specially towards women is very common e.g.

  1.  in schools the female representations is marginalizing with the courtesy of dominant authorities
  2.  in sports, facilities are not enough provided to women players, media coverage is not fully provided to women matches 
  3. the participation of women in Industries are not consider equal to the men etc.

Family as an institution is considered the most important and crucial factor for the socialization of children towards their better mental and physical nourishment. The importance of family is also repeatedly mentioned in the Holy Quran and sayings of the Holly Prophet (P.B.U.H), that depicts its importance in our societies. Family as primary institution of our society based on those fundamentals that provide certain advantages to individuals towards national development that includes educational training, health utilities and family planning etc. Islam strongly emphasis on the education of men and women, educated women are the big factor towards the quality growth of their children socially and emotionally, but unfortunately the literacy rate specially among the women population In third world countries is at the lower side.

Special attention towards women education is required to achieve better consequences of national development with the courtesy of particular institutions. Health condition, family planning, enactment of laws regarding women is also extremely important towards the women development. Since last decades some changes has been occurred regarding women participation in different institutes to get equal opportunities and facilities to express themselves, but the increment in quantity as well as in quality is not up to the mark towards the proper implementation of gender policies. We should facilitate such type of policies that enhance the quality life style of both the genders on equal basis.

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