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Imran Khan's Tall Claims of Better Pakistan The Karachi streets are full of youth asking everyone to vote for Imran Khan and support the agent of change. Every now and then I get a sms making tall claims of better Pakistan or Naya Pakistan with comparison of Imran with Jinnah or false information regarding opinion shared by other countries for Imran.

Honestly, I don't see the change. Not that I doubt Imran Khan's capability but it's the voting masses which actually are not supporting the change for now. Yet again every one cares and focuses on Imran (like late Bhuttos and Nawaz) not the PTI.

The campaigners for PTI are doing the same, as the traditional parties do, rallying in the streets causing traffic jams hardly making way for ambulance, carry weapons and proudly displaying them, dancing and becoming violent to bang on passing by cars, enforcing their thoughts on others who wish to remain neutral till the day of voting and spreading false information.

The leader isn't any different though, since he has been going around just criticizing political parties more and talking less about what actually he would do to fix things up supported by concrete facts.

Isn't this too traditional and yet we ask for change? The supporters who talk of change still enjoy paying bribe to traffic police or break traffic lights (the convoy in Clifton was seen negating traffic laws and when caught by cops, were good to walk away with small bribe).

The slogan Naya Pakistan seems to bother me too much. Imran Khan and his supporters talk about Naya Pakistan yet follow traditional ways. Like many other parties PTI has not yet spoken openly about minority protection or foreign intruding powers except for taking a shot at USA. The shock came after the Taliban made statement of targeting few political parties and Mr. Qureshi came on wide media to almost thank them.


And Taliban seem to forget that PTI has been going around campaigning with concerts and all so called non Islamic elements. PTI by thanking Taliban are exhibiting that they have some sort of communication within ranks of Taliban or perhaps have a power behind their party which is repelling the Taliban.

The commonality between Imran, Late Bhuttos, Nawaz Sharif (and list goes on) is that they were/are all stubborn and only believed what they said is right. Imran also went out like all others claiming to resolve country's problem but without stating concrete measures.

Claims like corruption free Pakistan in 60 or 90 days - has he forgotten the power of bureaucracy and the role of establishment (or does he have their backing)?

Has PTI forgotten that when rapid change is enforced on masses it promotes bloodshed? The commitment to develop power sector still lacks concrete facts. The agents of change have failed as yet to talk about concrete measures to counter long term threat of water shortage or measures against suicide bombing or balancing foreign policy.

PTI in my opinion as for now seems to understand that they can go around and make tall claims since it is not the time, as yet, that they may come to complete power. Many, that I know, may vote for PTI as they are sick of other options and want to experiment.

One of the known teachers to me puts "PTI is old age material packed with mix of new & old wrapping and sold with new marketing technique to cater same old market to earn same old profits."

If any reader thinks I am anti PTI and pro some other party - fine think that way because I believe criticism helps one improve. imran khan, pti