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I seriously want to do something I really and very seriously want to do something for my land, my people, for restoration of peace and justice, for re-building her international image, for her shattered economy, her suffering people, for helping her be what our beloved Quaid envisioned her to be,for eradicating corruption and the parasitic leaders from her and i want you guys to brainstorm and give me sincere workable suggestions since i'm a little too overwhelmed emotionally!!

don't think i'm going crazy in nationalism. Things are well under control but the iron is red-hot and if you hit it right you never know I be the Che of Pakistan. You be my Fidel Castro in the meantime, consider seriously & suggest! If you can take out time for this cause, try researching well and share your ideas.

Revolutions begin at individual level and our country needs us. We can not simply watch our country being ripped off by a bunch of devils while we stay in our comfort zone, yawning & watching the scene from our window pane with a coffee mug in hand and thinking 'never mind we'll go abroad and will get settled in a better land'.

Why choose another place when all that we enjoyed till date was given by her solely. She gave us her name, gave us identity, a piece of land to live the way we wanted to live and you name it. What do you think is the need of time?

what can possibly bring our country back on the track of flourishing? Practical, workable suggestions. I trust your logic and rationality.

All that is necessary for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing!

Allah bless each one of us and every bit of Pakistan, Ameen!nationalism, patriotism
06 Jul 2011 | 1688 Saeeda Mushtaque says: Location: East Riffah, Bahrain  Posts: 3
It's been a while since I have been wondering what's this hurly burly all about that robs us of our peace & serenity?! Being a child, we used to think home is where you find food...or probably home is where your clothes are...or where you sit back & enjoy the little foolish giggles on ridiculously absurd jokes...little do we realise that food, shelter, clothing & all such tangible necessities can be found elsewhere as well but it is the psychological & intangible strife for mental peace, serenity & the ultimate sense of security that makes a brick-built house look like a sweet home. Today, our homeland is bombarded every second day so can we think of achieving the intangibles sitting in here?! The global powers have very cunningly crafted a plan to destabilise Pakistan & cripple its nation by making it weak internally. Once the walls of your home are cracked, can they stay there for long if the earth quakes?! No, they cannot. As a nation, the huge responsibility that lies on our shoulders is to create awareness among people about the current situation so that the un educated lot cannot be manipulated by outside forces. Its the prime responsibility of all of us to educate as many individuals as we can because till the time the proletariat & grassroots level ( that constitutes major percentage of our society) are well aware & educated; our leadership will remain the same & the need of time is to earn a nationalistic & patriotic leader for our nation who is capable enough to have a lucid vision for the future of our country, a vision that is transparent to every Pakistani; where every Pakistani can envisage a clean ( of terrorism ) & green ( ever green, long living! ) Pakistan, Where fair is fair & foul is foul, where we genuinely practice our religion in its truest forms. Pakistan Zindabad!!