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How long do we ignore the deaths? After a physical wound all I see myself is bleed red but when my Jazba-e-junoon, Dil Dil Pakistan, Jeevey Jeevay Pakistan, Sohni Dharti (taught to me since school) is wounded all there is left is explosion of sentiments held within chest, that is when I Bleed Green.

Its blood without physical appearance and sometimes without tear (thanks to all those breaking news for years on TV making us insensitive- some of which actually are breaking rest just news that can wait for bulletin) but it is with a cry, a shriek call and a scream of terror.

No I am not drunk nor under any influence of drug- All, I am, is foolish, stupid and a hypocrite trying to seek hope and be the hope for Pakistan.

Recently Shahzaib Case hit the social media like wild fire which forced anchors to conduct TV shows leading to chief justice taking Suo Motto- was it actually the Green Blood or was it Red Blood of a friend which motivated the campaigners to do so much.

Without doubt I am happy to see justice coming close and finally social media in Pakistan is no more that hi hello, like, comment thing but was it really the Green Blood. I leave that for campaigners and people supporting the cause to think.

As for the people behind this campaign are you men enough to stand for other causes to and be a change? This campaign shows the power of people - cant we change more?

Red blood clots and vanishes with time but this Green Blood will keep haunting us if not healed. It's just an opinion that once we start bleeding Green we don't have to bleed Red. How long do we ignore the deaths? How long will it take for us to understand that soon it will be one of us or from our families who will be targeted by this lawlessness? I am sure we question all this but then we forget.

Shia/Sunni, Taliban/Militants of political parties, Sindhi/Baloch/Punjabi/Pathan, Women/Men, Rape/Torture, mobile snatching/target killing are few things I know we live with. After all that thought the solution many educated see is go abroad and live life abroad since this Motherland (which gave them education, food and numerous other things) cannot be changed.

All you two faced cowards then don't send your dead bodies to be buried back in motherland. It is changing though as many of our young guns have started to work for this Motherland and have started to Bleed Green.

What I miss being professional now is the morning school assembly where we wound stand in lines (discipline) and in a chorus sing National Anthem (unity) and be happy and pray for Pakistan (Faith).

BLEED GREEN- cause many have started to. violence