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Honour Killings The word Islam is derived from Salum which literally means peace. It is ironical that the religion which conveys peace and mercy for the humankind should be twisted and turned and its messages mutilated to justify a crime as horrendous as murder.

Killing of any sort including honour killings are unislamic. Even the term honour killing is paradoxically deceptive as there is no honour in killing a female family member. It is a cultural curse and not a punishment sanctioned by Islam.

Honour killings are not unique to Muslims; they pre date Islam and were prevalent in Christian and Jewish societies. Even if a woman is guilty of adultery, Islam makes it virtually impossible to execute punishment; as Islamic law requires four witnesses of the highest moral ranking who have to testify that they actually witnessed the sexual offence i-e copulation.

According to Sharia (the Islamic law) suspicion, hearsay, and rumours are legally inadmissible as evidence.

Honour killings owe their roots to patriarchal societies when men starting policing women. Patriarchy institutionalized male dominance reducing the status of women to wombs and later vessels.

True, that honour killings are rampant in Muslim societies but that makes them neither justifiable nor Islamic. To associate honour killings with Islam or with any other religion is as despicable as the crime itself.

The media should not let bias infiltrate when reporting honour killings. Television documentaries and reports of honour killings often spice up by adding visuals of a mosque or mullah or the call of prayer. And the press never fails to highlight the Muslim connection and it certainly makes a sell-able lead.

This translates as Islam being unjust and perpetuates the negative stereotypes. Lets not blame a faith for the misdeeds of a few.honour killing