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Home-Made Cooking vs Ordering Junk Fast Food

“Mom what’s for dinner?” She asked. “Come dear, I’ve made mixed vegetables today!” Mom replied. “Mom you’ve made vegetables again?” She asked in disbelief. “Yes dear! Come join us on the table.” Mom said sweetly as usual. “No. Can you please order a deal for me? I cannot eat vegetables for dinner.” She said irritatingly.

Sounds familiar? Yes? This entire conversation is not new for us. This is a recurring debate going on at every dining table, at least once or most probably twice a week. Many of us are in similar situations with our mothers requesting to eat the home-made dinner and our fathers scolding us for eating garbage every week.

A common perception - with all facilities just a touch away, life has become trouble-free.

  • Just give them a call or open a food ordering app
  • Select what you wish to order
  • Wait and they’ll deliver it at your doorsteps

Wow! Life was never so effortless before.

But “just a touch away” feature has created many problems today. Teenagers have become so habitual of these food ordering apps. Even I have a food ordering app on my phone. But unfortunately we never realise what we are reserving for ourselves.

Do you know the meaning of slow poisoning? Without any offence, the food we eat is equivalent to slow poisoning. No doubt, the food you are ordering must be from a five star hotel. But have you ever thought how are they preparing the meal? Hundreds of people dine in daily at your favourite restaurants. Ever thought how the restaurant prepares food so speedily for so many people? Yes. Speedily! Do they cook the food properly? Do they take care of hygiene? Are you aware of the preservatives they use?

Nowadays, we are experiencing widespread diseases. Every other person is suffering from some kind of ailment, syndrome, infection, illness. Viral flu, fever and cough were not at all rampant. Nobody knows the reason nevertheless everybody prefers junk food.

Dining out is not an awful practice but frequent dining surely is. Youth’s inclination towards this pleasure is increasing day by day. Parents are also involved somewhere behind this. Many mothers are reluctant to cook daily. They leave their children to go and eat on their own. Many parents are ignorant of how their children are dealing with hunger.

Also children adopt this habit from school, observing their friends buying lunch from canteens. In this way, the households where food is cooked also switch slowly towards ordering meals.

In order to avoid harm, food must be cooked at home. However some techniques must be followed to encourage the children towards home-made food.

  • Reveal the pros of eating at home and cons of eating outside
  • Avoid preparing the same dish again and again
  • Bring variety in the menu to develop children’s interest
  • Encourage the children to eat vegetables by cooking it with meat
  • Prepare 2 or 3 dishes for dinner so that children can choose any one instead of ordering deals

Maintain your diet, prefer hygienic over unhygienic!

You don't need a silver fork to eat good food - Paul Prudhomme
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