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Health without wealth Wanted to share a story about Dr. Ziauddin Hospital and the high management Dr. Rubina who calls herself a gynaecologist. It is shame such doctors in our country.

Please give some space to this story and help many people who can be the next victim of this hospital.

The story began about 2 years ago. When my younger brothers wife obtained an appointment from Dr. Shireen Bhutta, a senior doctor and gynaecologist at Dr. Ziauddin Hospita, Clifton campus. This appoint was for a routine check-up for her pregnancy. She may be senior gynaecologist but to my brother she acted like a writer of many scary movies. She scared my sister-in-law like an ugly and horrifying ghost. Rather than listening to the patient she spent most of her time in writing several tests and Vitamin A supplement which is never allowed to any woman during pregnancy. Since it was her first pregnancy she didnt resist and accepted a bundle of prescription containing tests, medicines and vitamin A supplement. The doctor was succeeded in catching up a fortnightly client. Luckily, she got cat in the bag.

Time kept passing by and she receives too many visits from the patient on an going basis. When baby became due she vanished from the hospital. When enquired we were told that shes attending a conference in Islamabad and will not be available for a long time. We were shocked to hear this news. She never informed that she was going to attend the conference leaving the mother helpless.

Anyway, we used the replacement doctor service, and so unluckily, an immature and inexperience lady doctor was given in our fate. Now the interesting part was the nurses in the hospital. The morning nurses and the evening nurses were two different things like hell and heaven, earth and sky, hot and cold, fire and ice, Khursheed Mahmood Qusuri and Condoleezza Rice. A big controversy between the two groups, I would say. Apart from that, we found big discrepancies between the doctors and nurses actions. If morning shift said YES to something then it was obvious that evening shift would say NO or vice versa. The patient became a sandwich between the two groups. This also resulted a really bad care but FREE-IN-THE-AIR DESI instructions and remedies suggested by the controversial group of nurses and doctor. An apple was never an apple for other shift, it was, indeed, an orange for them and quite interestingly the doctor declared it an apricot. It was hard to give judgement whos right and whos wrong. Number of things happened and it ended up with a Sicilian operation for no reason. How sad.

Now this is not just end, her stitches were made improper and after a few days she saw soiling in her seam. She visited the same lady doctor and told that everything was fine to her stitches. Its a normal thing and should be fine after a few days. Small thing became big pain and she came in danger again, upon another complaining visit, she was admitted in the same hospital again for stitch treatment. Doctor admitted it was an improper stitch caused pain and soiling. They opened the stitches and closed after keeping her 5 days in the hospital. She became the most talked about woman in the hospital. Everyone was blaming on each other. Same controversial statements and non-serious services she experienced.

We were under impression that due to mistake we wont be given any bills but before the admission we were forced to pay heavy charges of a room that has an air-condition when there was no need of an air condition in such bad case. Means, the mistake was being fixed on patients expense and the admit was just a drama by the doctor.

Anyway, this ended up over Rs. 125,000 from the first date of admission until now in this hospital. Bad thing is that she couldnt recover even after treatment. Same soiling started in two days. She decided not to go that way again. She went to a different private hospital which was 10 times smaller than the so-called big hospital.

She was seen by an expert lady doctor over there who revealed the mistake of stitches. That means, the mistake was as it is and we were charged again for no reason. She became admitted in the small hospital for 5 days and recovered this time. We became so much happy that she recovered. Youll not believe that the bill was 14 times smaller this time which means big saving on recovery of health. We remained under impression that these incidents happened because of no availability of Dr. Shereen Bhutta who knew the case better as she received many visits before the due date.

I got married this year and went to England on honeymoon and business tour. Heard the good news during our stay in England. We went to NHS Walk-in Centre situated Canary Wharf, London where she was checked up by a lady doctor and referred to the hospital treatment as she was feeling sickness that was resulting in nausea and vomiting. We went to Royal London Hospital in white chapel where she was given professional care. Doctors over there behaved like our family members. Nurses and sisters were true professional. She went to this hospital three times for fluids intake and anti sickness treatments. During her admission for four days we both experienced the life in England hospitals. How lucky the patients were, there is so much to say about this hospital but I would like to come to the point now. Being next of KIN I was given full access to literatures and research papers about medicines that my wife was taking. These literatures are given to support patients and their family member with lots of knowledgebase. Alternatively, one can pick up the literature papers from different racks and spots installed throughout the hospital. This was really helpful as I became well-informed about pregnancy and its stages. Diseases, food, what to take and what not to take throughout the pregnancy and breast feed thereafter. And if I was doubtful about anything, doctors with smiling faces and nurses with pleasant hand helped me find the right answer.

We came back two days before Ramadan 2008 (30 August 2008) with latest reports and letters for the local Pakistani doctors so that we can be given professional utmost care in the lights of these reports.

How innocent and simple Pakistani people are, my mother decided to go to Ziauddin again as she learnt that Dr. Rubina whos the senior doctor and granddaughter of Dr. Ziauddin (I guess) is available at her day clinic in the hospital. With a file made by English doctors we visited to Dr. Rubeena and went into past again. Seemed like they visited a time machine that took them in past, two years back, almost. Doctor Rubina didnt even had a glance at the file that they were having with them and the same horror stories were started. She tried her levels best to develop the FEAR FACTOR. My missus felt major difference between the English doctors and this particular Pakistani doctor. In early stages of her pregnancy she was even scared by the Sicilian operation and miscarriage that can be written in her fate if she didnt act on doctors instruction. The doctor wrote a dozen of tests and a prescription for Vitamin A supplement for 6000/IU. My missus and mother simply declared this doctor a short-tempered, arrogant, unpleasant and unprofessional person, regardless how senior she was.

They came back home, put the prescriptions written by the doctor and file given by English doctor in front of me. Just a few days ago half of the tests were already taken in England and we had the results for them. Other half were unnecessary at this stage. There were no evidence or symptoms for those tests. Unable to understand, why she prescribed so much tests without looking at the reports. I was shocked to see her position in the hospital and the way she deals with her patients. Impossible to guess about how many people have suffered since she took the charge as a gynaecologist in the hospital.

Anyway, we phoned our UK doctor and was advised not to take any form of Vitamin A, either supplement or lever products as this may damage the baby. In couple of days I received a detailed letter from the hospital explaining why Vitamin A can be harmful during pregnancy.

I have lost trust and confidence in this hospital now. My plan is to check other big hospital or shall I make my way out of Pakistan to prevent ourselves from being a victim. But the question is that I can make my way, how many other people can do it? Can someone stops them from doing it? Can we not adopt the good things from western countries and implement at our country? All we need to do is keep our doctors synchronised with latest research and maintain the same high standards. And we will be a healthy nation over the coming decades.

May Allah give them Hidayat or destroy them if this is not in their fate. They are killing innocent people for a few thousands rupees. Allah will surely push them in hell which is prepared specially for them.

It is said that only a healthy nation can be involved in healthy activities. In presence of these non-professional doctors no nation can remain healthy.

All readers please intake better knowledge so that these butcher mind doctors do not sell your meat against money.

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01 Oct 2008 | 695 tad baker says: Location: karachi  Posts: 1
We are very saddened by this terrible news that has affected you Mr Khawer Iqbal. It is never a good thing when the innocent life is subjected to the inadequate practices of someone that should know better.

Why is it though you tell of this story of a "third party" - I was under the impression this fate fell upon you and your wife?

Better however that his happened through a lack of training as opposed to having made this mistake in a pre-meditated fashion so as to cause hurt and pain through a loss.

And on the date you posted this blog of which you have a reputation for blogs - September 11th! A thoughtful day for us all I'm sure.

I'm sure unlike many fraudsters in this world - like you Mr Khawer Iqbal - these medical people made mistakes through human error and not through a preverse sense of moral bankruptcy which you clearly suffer from.

There is an old saying of what goes round comes round.

We wish your wife and baby well as they are innocent to you and your dealings - as for you, the very god whose name you take in vain shall deal with you as he sees fit.

Eid Mubarak
04 Oct 2008 | 696 scheherzade says: Location: Hyderabad  Posts: 17
Bro this is really sad. I am a medical student ad I have visited Aga khan hospital and various hospitals in Karachi and Hyderabad,I can assure its not due to lack of knowledge or training.Its doctors themselves they don't consider other people as human beings and its especially true in the case of FEMALE gynaecologists ,sure there are doctors who are good people too but they are "aatay main namak barabar".We as a nation are not good people.
These docotrs advice caesaraen operation simply for money and do not consider the woman's condition.If blood loss during a normal delivery(NVD) is 500ml is easily 1000ml in cases of caesaraen section.You surely are from well off family and people who ar e well off are not malnourished,I have seen doctors doing this caesaraen operation on very poor and malnourished women.Then these people have to arrange for blood and most of them who were visiting for 2nd time had contracted HepatitisC
I took my mother to a very famous doctor who was my TEACHER also,He charged Rs. 600 as his normal fees,then advised tests which were easily Rs3000+.Then after tests we went again he again charged Rs.600.And then we went into financial crisis though we could easily afford this doctor but my mother refused,she was not willing to go again to that doctor as he always had scanty time.And this doctor visits foreign countries for almost half a year saying I am a professor I have to have up-to-date knowledge!