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2014-05-19 01:01:01 | 1884

Harassment of Women
Women have always been regarded as weak and vulnerable. In a male dominant society it is difficult for a woman to survive at her own and lead a respectful living. Whenever she tries to find a breathing space, she is beleaguered and harassed.

The irony in our society is that passing a comment, staring or taking pictures without permission (thanks to the pocket cameras in cellphones) are not even considered as harassment and unconsciously we have accepted them. I have seen men giving arguments that

"larkiyan khud moka daiti hain, hum kia kren?"

"Girls give us opportunities to exploit, what can we do?"

Oh poor guys...!

They are so susceptible to control themselves. It's just like shooting yourself from a pistol as you have been provided one and hence you cannot resist. Without any biases just think for a moment that how could you harass a woman who is offering you a chance (so called)? Aren't you responsible for what you do?

Why your character and personality is so much dependent on how she behaves in society? A "man" cannot be so naive that he is unable to decide between right and wrong at his own. Girls are not all angels as well; accepted, but this is their own business and this does not give permit to a man to harass every woman who steps out and try to maintain her dignity.

Well I know there are real men in society as well but they are very few. The male chauvinism is very much common and it touches its peak when a woman challenges their abilities and competes with them. It is a common observation that the more successful and high achiever you are the more fingers will be pointed towards you as those who are left behind are naturally offended.

If a man disrespects a woman who works hard and supersedes him in career, this simply means that he is jealous of her and her success. Oh the strong macho man cannot be jealous of a timid woman!

Another argument commonly given is;

"Hum tou bus shughal laga rae hn"

"We are just having fun."

I mean like seriously! Are you so desperate that you need a woman to have fun? Don't you have any activity that can entertain you other than irking a woman? If yes, then get a life please..! You can only be sympathized and pitied.

A lot of such non sense excuses are given which only further proves the guilty and hence are condemned by every level-headed person (men and women alike).

The culture of harassment is increasing at work place and educational institutions. Although the report ratio has increased but still there are a number of such incidents that go unnoticed and unreported. There is a lot of talk lately and we have seen a number of laws being introduced but still the issue cannot be tackled effectively.

The problem is not that we don't have laws rather it's the mindset and social norms that we follow. Norms and moral values are not for one gender only, these are to be followed by everyone whoever wants to live in a society. These norms cannot be developed in college or university rather schools and home environment plays significant role in building character of society.

We need to realize that we are the showcase of our family values. The name and caste that most of us boast about is at stake when we move around and interact with others. The staring, calling names, taunting, spreading rumours about others, passing judgement on one's character, and making others feel uncomfortable through actions or words can never be the tradition of a good and decent family.

It is our moral and social responsibility to transfer the decent traditions to our young generations and to teach them the lessons of respect for opposite gender. Every person male or female has a place in society and misbehaving with someone would not make you a hero. The rude and arrogant behaviour towards anyone would never make you superior rather if you want to be greater then you will have to show through words as well as actions. You cannot rise above by pulling others down.

Try to be strong and manly by making your character at your own without the consideration of what someone is offering you. It's your life and your decisions should be independent. Everyone is answerable for his own deeds.

PS: Only those who are shown the mirror will be offended. harassment of women