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2014-02-26 01:01:01 | 1865

For Pakistan, Against Taliban
For those who have always been painting a gloomy picture with regards to the unity of our society and its ability to rise against the menace of terrorism, Shahrah-e-Quaideen in Karachi was the place to be on Sunday, 23rd February, 2014.

The huge rally which was primarily aimed at expressing solidarity with the armed forces of the country, provided an opportunity to the people belonging to different ethnic, sectarian and political backgrounds to prove to the world that all is not lost in Pakistan, there is still hope and at least Karachi has the courage to stand against the barbarianism which is being enforced upon the country.

The rally was unique in the sense that previously all the quarters who have been campaigning against radicalization of our society, had been doing so separately from their own platform. But this rally organized by MQM, which perhaps is the strongest and most steadfast critic of Taliban, brought together most of the peace loving, tolerant and brave Pakistanis, opposed to Taliban and their brand of shariah.

The participation of Shia organizations, who have been facing relentless attacks on their places of worships, congregations and intelligentsia, with virtually no retaliation, proves that contrary to the language of barbarianism which Taliban speak, the liberals believe in peace and equality for all.

As has always been the case, some right wing political analysts and Taliban supported politicians like Imran Khan and Munawwar Hasan will denounce this gathering, as for them Pakistan was founded to be an intolerant and extremist society, or perhaps they just don't have the courage to challenge the forces out to change the social makeup of this great country of ours.

One such political analyst always questions the limited retaliation against Taliban by our military asking "Where on earth does a military act against its own people?", but he never asks Taliban "Where on earth do people act against armed forces and fellow citizens?"

What these people don't understand or it would be better to say that they don't want to understand for obvious reasons, is that Pakistan is being dragged into a bigger and far more dirty sectarian game that is being played in the middle east and else where. The game international powers are playing can bring 10 times more devastation in Pakistan than Syria and Iraq.

In this scenario, the rally on Sunday, has proved that despite all the patience being shown by tolerant segments of the society, they may go to all limits to defend the ideological boundaries of the country should the need be.

No matter how hard some politicians and analysts try to demoralize our brave soldiers by demeaning their sacrifices, the Pakistani nation stands by its armed forces and supports their every action against the extremists.

There is no doubt in my mind that not only Karachites, but all Pakistanis are against Taliban, it is just that no political party has ever provided them the opportunity to show their resentment against Talibanization and support for the armed forces. However, I am sure this rally will serve as a motivation for people all over the country to show their solidarity with the armed forces.

This rally has put to rest whatever doubts some critics had about the patriotism of MQM. Ironically, those politicians and analysts who consider it their birth right to run the "Patriotism Certification" agency in the country, never came up with the idea of rising above their political and personal agendas for the sake of country's survival. Its only the MQM and its visionary leader who showed the courage and determination to mobilize masses.

Despite the open invitation by MQM to all segments of the society, the parties who abstained from the rally have made it easier to draw the battle lines.

Karachi has risen, so will the entire country. We are for "Pakistan and against Taliban". karachi rally against taliban