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Finishing tasks early in the morning to feel good!

Imagine that...

If there was a situation where you had to eat a frog every single day. That at what time of the day would you eat that frog? I think the best time to eat this frog will be early in the morning right after you wake up. This is because eating a frog is a difficult task and If you can get it out of the way early in the morning that you get spend the rest of your day being more productive. The frog represents whatever important work you have which needs to be complete as soon as possible. Most of the times we delay our most important work by Procrastinating we think we will do it later once we have more energy may be in the second half of the day. All this does is increase your stress and makes you more unproductive.

Another reason behind completing the task early in the morning is that our will power is the highest in the morning and then decreases throughout the day so we can take advantage of this and use our will power to finish our work. You must have notice when we finish doing some work specially an important task we feel good and relaxed.

This happens because our brain releases Endorphin which makes it feel good and relaxed now if you want to be more successful we need to take this process of completing a task and feeling relaxed as a positive addiction and make it our habit because completing an important task daily will make it is feel good and also increase our Confidence and Self Esteem.

So make it your habit and get success..!

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