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2012-12-31 01:01:01 | 1700

Fakiha Hassan Rizvi's Blog
I am a student of B.Sc (Hons) Communication Studies. My area of interest embraces communication research, international politics and in line with these two, I am inclined towards political and international communication as well.


'A girl who wants to use the pen as her sword and the paper as her saviour'- I often use this sentence while introducing myself.

Mostly, I write on socio-political issues. As an avid reader and passionate writer I want to pursue 'journalism' as my career.

I am currently serving as the sub-editor of a technology-based magazine (Monthly Phone World). In addition to this, my association with other online blogs has also strengthened since the day I started to write.

My personal blog is a complete collection of my published work and original self-published articles, reviews, opinions and even podcasts.