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Fake Fantasies Fairy tales, Happily ever after, fairy dust these are all the talks of fantasies. Ever since we are born and till we grow up to mature beings we are led to believe in all these fake things and as soon as we grow up reality hits us hard.

We realize that through out our childhood we were just told the stories that had no meaning, that had no connection with our world, stories that never existed. We are then told all of that doesn't exist.


Why can't we just teach our children the reality, and mind you, reality is not always brutal or scary. Some realities are beautiful and amazing. So why aren't we taught about the beautiful realities but the fake fantasies?

When we as children try building our dreams on those told stories why are'nt we told to not build that dream? Why aren't we told to dream a different dream? Why are we left on the mercy of cruel time?

We must teach our children that fairies and princesses do not exist and that fairy dust in nothing and that beauty can not be seen but felt and that things do not matter but people do.

We must tell them to dream a real dream. fairy tales