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Electoral Rigging in Karachi So I guess we will choose to remain blind, AGAIN!

The psyche of the Pakistani people is a mystery to me. We choose to be ruled by people, whether a democratically elected government or a dictatorship, we choose to remain as slaves. This tendency has been present in the people of the sub-continent for quite a while, history tells us so. What I don't understand is when the people finally take a stand, where is the help?

No chief Justice to take suo moto action against the speech made by a certain someone, the head of the biggest political party present in Karachi. The media chooses not to emphasize the injustice that has been inflicted upon the people of Karachi especially during the past two days. The speech itself was horrendous and laden with treasonous statements.

Visual evidence (video) of electoral rigging is present and shows the culpable, in Karachi and throughout Pakistan, but people still choose to believe that the elections were fair.

My question is to all the people who have staunchly supported this democratic system and are ebullient with the transition between governments that is to follow. I really fail to understand the difference between a democracy and a dictatorship here.

As the will of the powerful is enforced in both forms of government, at least this is what these elections have taught me. The will of masses was subdued by force or threat of force. The most disturbing part of all this rigging that took place in Karachi is that most of it was done in the open; attempts to hide it were almost callous.

Why should such acts be hidden? I am pretty sure a Master doesn't smoke hashish in the dark; he does it in his house in front of his slave!!!

The message democracy has conveyed to me is loud and clear, if one is rich, powerful or corrupt enough one has the luxury of threatening people with murder.

For once it seemed like the people of this nation had finally found a voice they had finally found INSAAF!

But I guess the old saying in our community "Justice comes at a price" holds true. But the price the people have to pay simply cannot be achieved by bribing a judge, sweat and blood will have to be shed? As the powerful forces: media and judiciary have chosen to remain silent, I guess the people have no choice but anarchy. Taking things into their own hands seems like the only option.

What the rest fail to understand is that the protests taking place in Lahore or Karachi are not just in light of the rigging that took place on may 11th. The protests are for justice, equality and the truth.

The protests are to break free of the shackles that have hindered us for so long, at least this holds to be true in Karachi. Karachi doesn't belong to a particular political organization and neither does the rest of Pakistan.

After the head of Karachi's biggest Political organization finished his telephonic speech I was left extremely perturbed and was forced to think the unthinkable. Are we still ruled by a monarchy, is Karachi a city ruled by the Queens viceroy?

The only difference being that this viceroy looks and talks like us, but still works for her majesty! How a British citizen can so openly threaten the citizens of another country is beyond me? And how this particular citizen still holds the power to instil immense fear into Karachiites will remain a mystery to me.

But are we ready for a bloody revolution I personally don't believe we are. But are we ready for a few more years of slavery is the question which will decide what is to come!

What people must not forget is that this struggle is not for Imran Khan, PTI, or for chance of governing. It is against injustice, PERIOD!!! election rigging