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Education Mafia It is the dilemma of our education system that quality education has assumed a state of prestige, not a right. Public sector schools have badly failed in providing a broad based, rigorous and liberal education. Students enrolled in these educational centres are vulnerable to private coaching schools or tuition centres usually referred to us "academies" in Lahore's metropolitan areas.

Specifically, those pupils who are aspiring for competitive exams, entrance tests, or board examination of 9th, 10th or FSc do join academies for effective preparation. Due to this tendency, educational institutes have assumed the role of business organisations.

There has been a massive growth of street academies. Most of them are NOT registered by any governmental institute as they do not offer regular classes, they have all the liberty. They charge as much as they wish. For tuition of FSc Pre-Medical or Pre-engineering, they charge upto PKR 4500 per head per month. And in case of entry tests like MCAT or ECAT, the situation is even worse.

First they create a hype by massive publicity and seminar campaigns in air conditioned halls of hotels. Then they charge upto Rs. 20,000 for a two month preparatory course.

There must be some monitoring agency of Government that makes sure academies are not over-charging. expensive school