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Doctors or Engineers Only! Not a Doctor or an Engineer? Fine you are a loser!

Love, Mom.

What's with the desi parents wanting us to give in in only two professions, Doctors or Engineers?

So I don't like maths I don't want to become an Engineer and by the way I dislike Science equally so now what?

Why are other professions looked so down upon? What's wrong if I chose to become a fashion designer, please do not refer to me as a tailor. So what if I want to become a beautician please do not refer to me as "Nai".

My younger brother loves to cook and not just that his cooking is delectable. He is so talented that if he tries a dish somewhere (be it from any cuisine) without even a proper recipe he can make that exact dish. He doesn't watch MTV instead he watches "The food channel" for crying out loud but you know whats the story of his life? Mom and dad sees a dentist in him whereas I see a great triple crowned chef.

He is forced to take all the science classes which kills him out of boredom, but what to do'

Though I blame myself for the situation he is in, Mom and Dad saw a doctor in me though I escaped on time and he is the next victim of their undo-able expectations.

I can't blame Mom and Dad for their expectations, they both got married off before they could achieve a high academic title in their lives hence the pressure is on us.

I can only hope that someday our desi parents might get rid of the doctor/ engineer fever and instead open their minds and see other professions with same dignity and respect.
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