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2014-01-27 01:01:01 | 1857

Dhol Sipahi
My name is Neman Malik. I am a Police Constable and author of DholSipahi blog.


I have launched this blog for various reasons including:

1- Autobiography, to narrate incidents in my life as they occurred. Explaining flaws, regrets and sentiments. I guess I do that just to for no big reason. Maybe readers will find them interesting.

2- Community Policing, Now that's a big word. But I humbly intend to discuss certain crimes, issues and their consequences. To spread awareness and serve the society with good intentions.

3- Humour, I like to think that I am a funny person who loves to laugh. So no matter which subject I choose, I love to spice up things a little as I suit them. You cannot consider my blog a land mine filled with profanity but certain f-bombs maybe experienced here and there. No offence meant to anyone after all.

In last, I would like to explain that I have no sky high expectations with my blog. If any of my article makes someone's life more safer, easy or happy. That should be enough.