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Degrading Degrees How many fake degrees do you have baji?

I was taken aback or perhaps I didnt hear him correctly.

Pardon me! You just saideh, what?

But I had not over heard him in first place.

One of my little cousins threw this question on me recently with a certain spark of intelligence in his eyes as if he has asked me something admirable. Fortunately or unfortunately (God knows) what the kid didnt know was the meaning of Fake Degree.

The poor child blushed with evident discomfited looks after my explanation of the current hot topic over the media, revolving around our beloved politicians and splashing across their not so immaculate careers.

Dont know how many Grades they did pass but certainly they hold the command on degrading the Degrees. We have all the very important policy makers who have been successful in grabbing a seat for themselves and their cronies in National Assembly, Provincial Assemblies and Senate, holding a Masters degree in Forgery, PhD in Corruption and those a little less qualified ones managed to do Bachelors in Playing Foul if nothing else .S

o we can proudly claim that our MNAs, MPs and Senators are well educated personnel, who the hell cares what were the courses the took.

This is pure injustice with the people of Pakistan. All this time we have allowed incompetent representatives to decide our futures. They dont even meet the criteria of standing in elections. Im still unable to swallow the fact that one of our (now) eminent politicians was quoted saying, Degree asli ho ya jaali degree degree hoti ha!

How can they get away so smoothly with something like that, someone who has hoodwinked the voters? On the record now, we have always been led (a strayed) by a crop of mendacious and ineligible politicians who almost never fail to disappoint us.

It is a serious matter for the Pakistanis at an international level as well who has already been an object of ridicule too many times in the past. Therefore, this lot needs to be purged in order to create room for well deserved ones and those who went to schools at least.

While the scrutiny regarding degrees authenticity is underway, it remains to be determined that which one of the celebrated parties will emerge triumphant with most numbers of fake degrees.

We have our fingers crossed. fake degree