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David Cameron Allegations Daily Times should read "PPP Bulletin" after printing a hilarious piece by Shahnawaz Khan in support of the PPP policy on UK trip of Zardari in the wake of David Cameron's adventurous remarks on Pakistan.

Read the following excerpts from an op-ed (carefully entitled: 'Its time to unite for the nation!'):

"...besides accepting all the allegations, the PPP leadership decided to clarify Camerons statements like every independent nation. Unfortunately, our political leaders, who claim to be broad-minded and the nations well-wishers, are still stuck to their own interests. Besides joining hands with the PPP leadership on this national level issue, they are criticising the presidents visit to the UK and his expenditures. ...PML-N and its allies are not considering that the president, during his UK tour, could play a vital role to maintain relations with the British government. ...According to a report of The Times newspaper, Andrew Mitchell, the British international development secretary, said that Pakistan is likely to emerge as the big winner from a review of the 2.9-billion pounds aid budget that is expected to halve the 90 countries that receive money from the UK. Within three years, Pakistan would probably receive more money from the recast budget than any other country. ....At this crucial time, leaders of Pakistans political parties must join hands with the president for this national cause, and to defend the allegations levelled by Cameron, rather than criticising his visit to the UK "

Shahnawaz Khan, in the process of criticizing Camerons irresponsible remarks about Pakistan is suggesting a rather strange remedy. His insistence on asking the British government to explain the statements falsely assumes ambiguity in Camerons allegations of which there is none. It did sound like a hasty remark by the British prime minister uttered perhaps in desperation to attract more friends in the Indian business community. He even confirmed on a later follow up that he meant what he said.

Under these circumstances to give muted and complacent response as given by Pakistan Govt is tantamount to acceptance of false allegations which apparently Zardari and Co will have no problem with as long as the tour to UK achieves personal and PPP agenda.

The reason to not cancel the trip appears to be to 'clarify Camerons statements' as if this is the sign of an 'independent nation'.

Oh and there is a chance that Pakistan will become one of the 90 countries to receive 2.9 billion pound aid (Pakistans winning share will come to about 32 million pounds).

To use this governmental impotence as an attack on opposition for rightly demanding a stronger message by cancellation of presidential UK trip is a false attempt by Mr Shahnawaz Khan to somehow divert the public anger towards the opposition, and seems completely out of place. david cameron