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Dark Episode in the Politics of Pakistan So here we are in one of the darkest episodes in Pakistani politics. Destiny has once again favored the brave to change the nature of Pakistani politics but do we have any braves left or only coyotes, jackals, and hyenas in lion's clothing.

The imposition of this new kind of PCO or is it Martial law or Emergency we still dont know as this time as the fox (Musharraf) has played a new kind of game by suspending the Constitution, judiciary and the media.

He has allowed the assemblies to function which is totally absurd as the assemblies were elected by the so called people according to Musharraf who wanted to see a change at the grass root level in accordance with the constitution.

Now that the Constitution is suspended all the assemblies should have automatically been dissolved but this country of ours is full of surprises and its leaders, masters in the art of molding wax (law) with impunity.

As usual what people say is true that nothing in Pakistan happens without the blessing of the USA and then they (Americans) show surprise as to why is there so much growing anti American sentiment in Pakistan.

An article in the "Nation" dated 5-11-07 states that the emergency in Pakistan had the approval of Bush, which should not surprise any of our readers, America (King maker) is now at its height in meddling in Pakistani politics.

So dont be taken with all the riffraff that you hear on the international media that the Americans are very concerned by the current developments in Pakistan.What they are really concerned is about their own interests and would like to see Benazir in power.

Now the most important thing to bring forward, the struggle alone by lawyers and human right organizations to bring about changes in the country is not enough, it is the role of the political parties to ensure that true democracy is brought about by uniting people together and striking while the iron is hot.

But alas! some of our politicians have all the backing of the people yet they barely understand this as they lack experience of working with one another and have never led a democratic process through difficult times. What is that Urdu saying, Dubetey ko tinkey ka sahara chaiye, (A drowning person looks for a straw to survive) but in our case the general whose ship is sinking and is trying desperately to grab on to a straw is being given a rope by our power hungry opposition leaders.

It is time for the people of Pakistan to realize and especially the lawyers who have stood up to this tyranny and as a matter of fact belong to various respective political parties, that they are alone in this fight for justice and for upholding the Constitution.

This fight is not only the responsibility of lawyers but it is incumbent on every citizen of Pakistan to stand up against injustice regardless of any political affiliations.

It is a shame that three days after the imposition of emergency rule, for the exception of a few politicians who are under house arrest or gone into hiding non of the political parties joined the struggle. Their tall claims that they have thousands of supporters who are ready to lay down their lives for their country is nothing but a farce.

Clear enough Benazir has not been placed under house arrest and she is free to move around while having the power of the masses who adore her as the daughter of the brave Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.

But what is she waiting for? Well, lets see, first she has no interest in standing for the judiciary as the National Reconciliation Order (NRO) deal which was so grandly brought about is already in the Supreme Court and a slash of the pen by the then Honorable Judges could bring down tumbling the NRO and re-initiate all the cases of mass corruption against her, her spouse and many of her party stalwarts who have amassed fortunes in their hay days, also the appointment of the new SC judge Mr. Dogar was possible only after top government quarters took Benazir into confidence, is is worthy mentioning here that Justice Dogar was appointed by Benazir Bhutto in 1995 which is quite appropriate for her.

Secondly she doesnt want to anger the General as it will only cut her out of the deal she so ardently and patiently worked for with the connivance of the American and British Governments, so why should she interfere when the going is good, instead she has called upon the people cut down on agitation and work for the elections (to bring her back to glory and power) in the country.

Even now, as I write this column the news on CNN is that her party officials are in secret talks with mediators from the government on a power sharing deal.

What matters now is that the people of Pakistan whether from the PPP or any other political party should realize that their leaders are only paper tigers who dont have the will nor the feelings of their people, they are neither sincere nor can they make a decision to benefit the future of this country.

This opportunity will never ring twice, it is time people should forget their differences, and to which party they belong and stand with the brave lawyers, judges, media and civil rights activists who are fighting against this corrupt system enforced by a dictator to usurp power.

The likes of the unholy fathers (Mullahs), have said that hundreds of their workers have been arrested overnight, they have exaggerated this point since we have had no news from any of their leadership from anyone place in the country of opposing the dictatorial rule or leading processions.

The champions of democracy who made relentless speeches of providing freedom to the people of Pakistan are no more then like the dictator himself and care a damn for the people of Pakistan.

People like Aitzaz Hassan and his likes, should realize this by now and take it upon themselves to bring the people together and stand up against dictatorship of all forms.

The historic action by the Honorable Judges, lawyers, human right activists and media shows that all is not lost and there are some people who want to see a change from dictatorship to democracy. But what will that change be, to throw off the yoke of one dictatorship only to be harnessed by the yoke of another upon their necks?

We talk of sacrifices now is the hour and we need to know our friends from our enemies. Our current politicians have proved once again that their speeches and struggle is only to gain power for themselves at the expense of the people of Pakistan.

This reminds me of a joke once sent to me,
One Sunday morning during service a 2,000 member congregation was surprised to see two men enter.
Both covered from head to toe in black and carrying submachine guns.

One of the men proclaimed,

"Anyone willing to take a bullet for Christ,
remain where you are
Immediately, the choir fled, the deacons fled
Out of the 2,000 there remained only 20
The man who had spoken took off his hood...
He then looked at the preacher and said,
"Okay Pastor, I got rid of all the hypocrites,
Now you may begin your service, Have a nice day!

We need people true and sincere perhaps like the Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry, other judges, lawyers, activists and many others who have stood their ground and despite being beaten mercilessly and jailed under various charges have refused to be coerced and dictated by a ruthless and power hungry dictator. emergency