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Daastan's Mera Qissa: A self-published writing project for Pakistanis
daastan meraqissa
It is a bitter reality that the writing industry of Pakistan is declining at a sharp rate. The reason is obvious; we have no publishing house of our own, we have to suffer from the harshness of the world outside to get one book published. This is indeed creating a domino effect-as it is declining the reading habit as well. The phenomenon is simple, if there are writers, then there will be readers and vice versa.
In between these struggles, Daastan emerged as a life saviour. It is a self-publishing platform aimed at reviving the literary industry of Pakistan. And also, to encourage people to pursue writing as a career, because Daastan is more than willing to publish their works. Mera Qissa ( is a project of Daastan through which a number of writers have been able to publish their work. And a good news is that, Daastan is now a registered publishing house. All their hard work is for one simple, noble cause; reincarnating the writing industry. Daastan has conducted a nation-wide short story competition, won by Wafa Zaka’s Cursed and Healed. And also, it has started a 3-month literary fellowship, which provide young writers from all over Pakistan a chance to polish their skills and in turn, trickle down their knowledge over.
Under the guidance of Syed Ommer Amer, CEO and Founder of Daastan, many writers have been able to publish their hard works. The novels published on mera qissa include Song of Eden by Farah Khalid, Supernova by Aisha Noor, Flycatcher by Zain Rizwan, The tales of crucified blunt by Areesh Fatmee, and Unveiling the unknown by Tooba Arshad. These books along with many others are available for reading online or ordering a hardcopy at Mera Qissa.
The need of the hour is to rejuvenate the writing habit in Pakistan or else there would be a time when no book will be published in the name of Pakistan. We will not be able to express ourselves to the rest of the world without our pure-own publications. So, do not be disappointed if you think there are not much possibilities for you to get your work published. Daastan is there to help, and publish your work. daastan