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Cost of Human Life In Pakistan Although I am not a regular reader of newspaper (by choice), but somehow yesterday I had a chance to browse through a newspaper while having my peaceful dinner after long day at office.

I lost my diet while counting the number of Human deaths in Pakistan. People all over Pakistan are dying due to bomb-blasts, target killing , drone attacks, sectarian violence and so much so of prevailing present heat-wave of Pakistan.

Swallowing my tears, I decided to watch any of news channel which is raising their voice against the Human voice, Unfortunately all news channels, at that moment of time, were either discussing Swiss cases or Baber Awan.

At that very moment of time, I was hit with sudden shock and depression. I asked myself a question, which was bothering me for very long.

In my distant memory of my student life, while visiting my parents house during summer vacations in Korangi creek, Karachi, I came across a death of a 16 years old boy over resisting a mobile snatch. The cost of mobile at that time was 2500 Pakistani rupees. I asked to myself.

The people died in Drone Attacks, target killing or bomb-blast have families. What these families gone through when they come to know about the sad demise of their loved one? May be there are the one who can answer my one and only question.

Recently Home minister of Pakistan joined twitter. I wanted to cease the opportunity to ask the same question. While visiting his profile, I came across his thankful message to President of America on making this world a peaceful place. How this world can be peaceful place if state of affairs in Pakistan is causing loss of thousands of human life in Pakistan. Is life of Human is cheaper than rest of the world, is it cheaper than a mobile phone, or it has not even a value. A worth of human life is less than non issues like renaming of province, Ban on Face-book or Baber Awan stance in court.

Whenever a political leader assassinated there is riots all over the country, but if common man dies we filter it out from our conscious and report it spam.

We as a nation are lacking Compassion arent we? bombing