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Bilawal Bhutto Zardari Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, a political tactic or a smart move.

What do we know about Bilawal? How is everybody so sure he will be the right person to understand common peoples problem. As a kid he has lived most of his life abroad. Agreed he has Political-Pros surrounding him, but these are the same people who came into power twice and came short in their agendas.

Best revenge is Democracy; makes you wonder what else this kid doesnt know. I hope Oxford makes him a better man, so he would understand the virtues of knowledge and learn to make his own decision rather than relying on his esteemed advisers which include renowned feudal lords of Pakistan, beats me how anyone in their right and sane mind can think that they would do any good to the poor people? When they were given a chance all they did was to enrich themselves some more.

Details you ask me, open your eyes my friends, and study the political journals written about Bhutto and Sharif eras, how was either of them right for the people of Pakistan. They deserve Much More Much Better.

I hope Bilawal Bhutto will learn from the past and does the right thing in the future. I wish him Luck, my advice to him would be to listen to the people and than see for your self what is RIGHT. bilawal bhutto zardari
30 Dec 2007 | 467 Riaz Haq says: Location: California, USA  Posts: 10
Benazir Bhutto was not only chairperson of PPP for life but designated her husband as successor for leadership in her will. Her husband decided to name his son Bilawal to succeed while maintaining effective control of the party himself as co-chairman. It all stays in the family, like their vast landholdings. This only confirms the undemocratic nature of Pakistan's feudal elite that includes Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif, also chairperson for life of of his party PML(N).
As long as Pakistanis accept this behavior, they will continue to be ruled by a small elite that disenfranchises the real people of Pakistan. The only way out of this is to let the current economic growth continue in Pakistan that strengthens the size and the power of the middle class to develop sufficient clout to bring about real broad-based democracy based on rule-of-law.
For those interested in a broader perspective of this development, please read my blog entry titled "Who Owns Pakistan".
03 Jan 2008 | 479 Rehan says:   Posts: 1
When I was a kid, my mother used to tell me funny things Nizam Sakkah did during his one day rule. I wonder why I thought about him today. Probably, it was when I saw Asif Ali Zardari in a press conference, asking administration to stop bothering his men. Hmmm Asif Ali Zardari Bhutto? You just knew too well that there is a place; but, for only one person. Murtaza or you! God, I miss Murtaza more then I miss BB.
04 Jan 2008 | 485 Riaz Haq says: Location: California, USA  Posts: 10
One of Bilawal's friends posted a picture of him wearing a devil costume posing with a female friend wearing red horns. Apparently, the Sun in UK found this picture on Facebook and published it on Jan 2. The picture clearly reinforces that fact that he is just a kid having fun as the college kids in the West do. I'm not sure if it's fair to him to be pushed into the limelight at this age by his father. It is likely to distract him from his studies and possibly attract unwanted attention to him by unsavory elements.
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09 Jan 2008 | 497 Riaz Haq says: Location: California, USA  Posts: 10
Bilawal Bhutto Zaradari has appealed to the media to respect his privacy. This appeal came after a spate of reports in British tabloids including The Sun // The Daily Mail //

Given such a high-profile role as the Chairman of a major political party, do you think he is entitled to this privacy? What advice would you give to him and his family? What do you want the media to do? Please write about. You are welcome to visit a post comments here and at //
11 Jan 2008 | 499 Mohammed Shahid says: Location: UK  Posts: 5
Pakistan has a new political leader barely out of nappies. Bilawal Zardari, 19, has become the new chairman of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), after the assassination of his mother. Bilawal, who has hardly spent any time in Pakistan nor can he speak much Urdu

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01 May 2008 | 584 Muhammad Khan Says:   
Waht is the country comming to democratic hiearchy or dictatorship. Who is this Bilawal? Are we in the dark ages? What is going on? Dont they have any other sane politician in the PPP to take up the leadership of the party? God help us!!!!!

Let Bilawal work his way up to getting his rightful palce if he is really to be a leader and not take shortcuts. We are wel aware of leaders that have assumed their rightful palces through shortcuts, none are in touch with the general public and have no feelings for the poor. The common man starves, while his representative feasts on italian and french food. He is depressed, has no health care, no job, a large family to feed, is insecure lacks education and eventually kills his family and commits sucide to escape this cruel and difficult life yet his representative thrives abudantly, has all luxuries of life and is in the least concerned of who lives and who dies as long as he can claim a seat from his constituency which he precieves as his birthright.

So do we need another oxford graduate?
16 Aug 2008 | 651 scheherzade says: Location: Hyderabad  Posts: 17
It just tells rest of the world how feudal is our Pakistan!
Thats it!
I hated when he was nominated, even people so senior like Mr.Amin Fahim treated him like chairperson .That was funny and irritating.