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Beyond Politics and TV - Our to do list While politics has been a priority, thanks also to our beloved TV media which is playing role of an exaggerator, below mentioned are the situations within the country that are being ignored both by countrymen and of course TV news media. Drenched and occupied in the drama of power the actual sufferings have been completely ignored.

1. We had initiated an operation 'Zarb-e-Azb' in North Waziristan which resulted in thousands of Internally Displaced People (IDPs). While our fellow countrymen are suffering, we chose to pump money into rallies, banners, TV air time and a lot more. All political leaders along with TV media have failed to emphasize the need of aiding the fellow countrymen or also known as IDP. Frustrated youth from this very lot of ignored people can be fueled and capitalized by certain forces to become future threat to the nation - resulting in us calling them terrorists in future and then murdering them. History would then repeat.

2. Minority killing specially that of Ahmadis has become alarming enough. The episode of Gujranwala would have sparked a country wide support for the minority but then our educated and modern class chose politics over human rights. Politicians and along with TV news media have not been brave enough to call for protection of Ahmadis, in particular. Perhaps the religious pious men are stronger in reaction which scares away all stake holders in calling out for truth.

3. Congo virus deaths have been reported in the country while polio remains a grave concern, which fortunately has been eradicated globally.

4. Balochistan still is a problem that requires resolve. The system there is not anything like anywhere else in Pakistan.

5. Karachi operation which in some form has restored some sanity in the city is also being ignored which would again result in same old situation in upcoming months. If one pays heed the crimes have increased in adjacent cities of Karachi, which is alarming.

6. Some of the population displaced or the population that suffered heavy damages in floods of 2010 still is helpless and is struggling to catch up with life.

7. Brain drain, that is our graduates seeking opportunity abroad has been on peak and for most of them nostalgia is only because of family rather than country.

8. PEMRA or any authority has seemed too weak against TV media forces such that the anchors sitting in shows claim to be opinion of masses without concrete evidence or stats. Propaganda some of these channels air can also be fueled by certain forces.

9. While our Judiciary has shown its strength as compared to yester years, there remain several important issues that require "Suo Motto".

Looking back at history of this 65 plus year old country and comparing current times, even with all the education, it is the same old story written on new pages. Humanity still goes ignored. The struggle of poor is far more different than that of middle class and higher class. Neither of the political parties (YES NEITHER) has a plan of action clearly chalked out. The old one and the new ones have the same lot of leaders and each one is more of a dictator of respective group/party.

Note: - I AM NOT A PTI,PAT,PML-N,PPP or XYZ SUPPORTER. For most who believe most of things expressed on television, must visit Pakistan and then make judgments. Visiting approx 25 cities around the country since Oct 2013 it is my personal opinion that I just ask myself one question "WHERE IS MEDIA/POLITICIANS KA PAKISTAN?" By pointing out more evil in society and propagating less of positive happenings, the politicians and media have successfully created an image that benefits them the most. In this act of strive for power, let's stop acting as minions and concentrate on significant matters that may please be given attention and voice. tv channels azadi march