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Being female is a crime in Pakistan As we all know and say, Pakistan is an Islamic republic which is based on Islamic laws, rules and regulations.

And we also say that Pakistan is the place where females are treated equally, compared to a man.

But the conditions are totally different.

Our sisters get raped. Or treated like they are not humans. In Every part of Pakistan (Sindh, Punjab, Baluchistan and KPK) every girl is mistreated.

Pakistani women are subjected to physical and verbal offences, psychological and sexual abuse, rape (including marital rape), assaults, forced conversions and forced marriages, honour killings.

Let's Take Sindh First:

  • On 4 December 2012:
    • "6 YEARS OLD HINDU GIRL RAPED IN SINDH (PAKISTAN)" (WHERE ARE OUR REPRESENTATIVES, WHY ARE THEY SILENT?)"Sindh University girl student kidnapped, gang-raped for 2 and half a month" (Samreen Sana Soomro, student of Sindh University, had left her home for University when three accused Tahseen Laghari, Nadeem Laghari and Shoaib Laghari kidnapped her. And raped her)
  • On Wednesday, December 19, 2012:
    • Anti-polio drive in Sindh; KARACHI: Gunmen shot dead four lady health workers in Karachi and one in Peshawar on Tuesday, shocking people across the country. (In addition, two co-workers of the four ill-fated women were wounded in the seemingly coordinated attacks in Karachi.)

Then Take Punjab:

  • Recently, the gang rape of a 5-year-old girl in Lahore has prompted a wave of protests across Pakistan calling for better justice for women in the conservative Islamic country.

And If We Look Towards KPK and Baluchistan:

  • On June, 2nd, 2013:Baluchistan: A 15-year-old Mahrang Baloch was allegedly raped by her cousin multiple times, and was subsequently raped by his friends who were present during the crime.
  • On January 20th 2013:Baluchistan: Young Baloch Girl was Raped and shot Dead in Pugi District of Balochistan.
  • On Friday, January 06, 2012:
    • PESHAWAR: Two young men allegedly raped a teenage girl in Urmar Mayana village and later circulated the video of the episode in the village, police officials said on Thursday.
    • Peshawar: A 14-year-old girl was allegedly gang-raped by robbers at Tehkal Bala in the small hours of Sunday.
    • Peshawar: 20 Girls Raped & Filmed & Later Blackmailed by the Guest house in Peshawar

So, this is time-line of attacks on girls.

So if you still think and say that Pakistan is an Islamic republic, you are wrong.

But shame on us that we did not do or even did not post about those girls who are being abused.

There are so many girls who are being abused everyday but no one did take notice of that. The above time line is just a short preview what uneducated people doing and what they are thinking about female or female workers.

The culprits of those girls are moving freely and nobody there to take a notice. Do not forget that your mother is also a Female!

So I question you: "IS BEING A FEMALE CRIME IN PAKISTAN?" crime against women