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Beginning to Accept Cricket as a Game 63 years of cricket and Pakistan nation, an emotional and sensitive relationship. A win makes entire nation delighted and a defeat leaves them annoyed and aggravated.

Especially when it comes to India, defeat is not acceptable, match fixing allegations are common, angry protesters storm the team with mouldy eggs and tomatoes at the airport literally leaving no way out from airport.

That's not all they throw stones at cricketers homes and burn their effigies, above all cricket board comes in action most likely replacing the captain and vows to bring fresh blood in team. Just like when Pakistan lost to India in 1999 world cup quarter final when Wasim Akarm was replaced and various inquiries were setup.

This time the situation was not different than the quarter final in 1999. Pakistan lost to India in semi final. To my surprise there are no match fixing allegations at large, no angry protests and bombshell changes in the team. In fact nation is content for making it to the semi finals despite the fact that Pakistan lost to India.

Team is welcomed at the airports, chief minister of Punjab received players coming to Lahore and announced cash awards. People seem to understand Cricket as a Game not a war between India and Pakistan. Nation shows more sportsman spirit than ever and it owns the team just like before losing to India

The question is what really brought this change? Despite of three Pakistani cricketers recently banned from playing international cricket, ban on international cricket in Pakistan and Indian war on cricket against Pakistan?

In my humble view this nation is changing, people have understood they can make it through own their own in every field they can stand up once again despite all the hardship the negative propaganda, the war at boarders, the suicide attacks on innocent people.

They have understood what all these events have in common a specific approach to demolish Pakistan's name and its people by labelling them terrorists.

I say this nation is lose match
28 Apr 2011 | 1639 Ali Arbab says: Location: Rawalpindi  Posts: 1
It didn't really take long for me to decide what to write as my first post on the site.
It is last night's Champion's League semi-final:RMA vs FCB, and without a doubt all the football lovers should be able to predict whats the title is alla bout. Yes ! It is one little master, with a TOUCH OF CLASS called LIONEL MESSI.
Take a bow, Messi. I mean its the two huge names playing against each other with nothing but Respect and Glory at stake and one man proves to be the difference. Well to me its just not the world class, a step more than that for sure.
76 minutes of ugly football and the n two majestic moments, 77th minute and 87th minute, that actually helped FCB move a step closer towards Wembley. But let me take that from another view angle as well. FCB has all to play for in the second leg , at their home. They are through even if RMA wins with scoreline for 1-0. What does that suggest? Simple ! We are in for another mouth watering contest in the second leg at Camp Nou (FCB home). RMA has to go all out with all that is in their armoury and and if that works out, which to me will, FCB has to have an alternate plan to counter that.
Well many may already have put their money on UNICEF-Sponsored, but i am keeping my fingers crossed and can't wait for the EL CLASSICO # 4.