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Be The Change

People are dying all alone
Can’t meet their love one's for sure
After ECG went straight
Still no one is allowed to see the departed in any case 

Yes it's 2020 Pandemic days

I plea to everyone around
Follow the precautions
By sitting in your house
It’s time to isolate
Properly cover your face
And don't hug in any case

Shaking hands can cause harm too
As virus gets transferred in a second or two
Washing them for twenty seconds is a helpful clue
This tiny microbe doesn’t need any special probe
As already has spread  around the globe
So, sanitize your hands as much as you can
End this deadly phage and  BE THE CHANGE 


Who thought this would happen one day,
We all are here; waiting for some miracle to take place
O' Allah help us in these pandemic days
There is no other way to get rid of this case
Just have Faith and strengthen your belief
He knows, we are looking at him for relief
Don't lose hope and Have firm belief
This all will end soon and we will go out freely
Without the fear of this deadly cocoone
And we will be Covid-Free soon.