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Be Pakistani, Buy Pakistani

Word patriotism means devotion, loyalty to one’s country, support every step which is taken for the betterment of country. A true patriot defends his country on every forum.
We belong to Pakistan and we are very patriotic to defend our country. We can happily die for the respect of our Pakistan. But supporting & adopting national living style is also called patriotism.

It is also necessary for our survival to keep alive our values, traditions & support our own national production.

When we buy something, its mean we are indirectly supporting the economy of our country. It is very sad fact that whenever we go for a shopping. we neglect our productions. We like to buy imported things instead of our own production. Unfortunately, this is the perception of our society that imported products are best in quality and we don’t have good quality products. We want to watch other country’s films instead of appreciating our own film production. Most of us want to adopt western style. People are crazy for foreign brands. We just forget that we are suffocating our identities & values. The secret of Chinese nation is that their citizens prefer locally made items. Only few items China allows to be imported.

Pakistan also have best quality production. Pakistanis also earn a lot of foreign exchange by exporting their products to other countries. Other countries are interested in Pakistani productions. Pakistan is striving to better the economy and production. Now it’s our duty to appreciate own products and brands.

I agree there is still need to take some steps for more better-quality production. Some of the products are low in quality. But it will be better one day with our efforts. Being a Pakistani, we require to promote Pakistani style, trend, culture and products. It can only be possible when we buy Pakistani things & adopt our national living style. It is very easy to say, “I love my country”. Now, we should prove that we are real patriotic Pakistanis. It is the time to understand the meaning of “be Pakistani & buy Pakistani”.

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