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Ban the Model United Nations of Pakistan! What is worse: The so called democracy of our institutions or the stifling attitude practised there where the slightest attempt to gasp for breath results in slicing of neck?

Being members of a so called democratic state that practices autocracy under the umbrella of democracy, where freedom of speech and expression in theory may be strongly advocated but in reality we all are aware that these actions have grave repercussions. This in turn led to the evolution of the principle "The principle that what authority says the majority has to follow".

My post is directed towards MUNSP (Model United Nations of Pakistan) and the recent event organized by them 'MUNPK11'.

The MUNs conferences are basically a pedantic model of the united nations that aims to stimulate among students analytical thinking and educate them about the current events, united nation stance on international issues, etc. these conferences are conducted around the world and they employ public speaking, critical reasoning and strong research.

Over the past two years these conferences have gained a lot of popularity among Pakistani students. Given to the manifesto of these conferences, parents encourage their school and college going children to these events in order to inculcate in their children the above mentioned qualities. But the sad irony is, what parents don't know is that their children apart from learning some superb stuff also get to learn a lot of other things. My letter is directed towards the recent event organized by the above mentioned society.

This event was organized in Lake City Lahore which is a one hour distance from main Lahore city. Even though the event website promised a lot of hype and had some substantial feel to it but sadly the event could not attract mature audience and comprised mainly of school and college children.

The committee sessions were mere OK whereas the social events were going plain drag. Given to the pressing hectic routine of the committee sessions seventy percent of people barely attended the social events. the authorities fearing the response of the sponsors first changed the farewell party to a couple dance party where showing up in couples was encouraged that scheme just did not work that well and hit them right on the face so then like the typical ruling bodies they utilized the "exploitation theory" where rules are imposed on the working class.

The director logistics informed the people, committee to committee that no buses would leave at the prescribed schedule, attending the event is mandatory. Eighty percent of the people had strong reservations regarding the event based on moral and ethical grounds.

Still they choose silence as those young career oriented school and college going children were well acquainted with the principle "never question the authority that too if the so called authority claims to have major stakes in your future job placement and can jeopardize your future". Here the question lies is this that a conference formulated along the lines of the united nation: an organization that has a charter of human rights that stipulates freedom of speech, freedom of expression that strongly advocates equality of individuals and strictly abstains from unlawful means of imposing something that is prohibited in the tradition and customs of a society.

Still there was the divine creature "secretary general" whom no one can question or demand anything from, as that was deemed as misbehaving, imposing a social event and then later denying having done so, giving dares such as "kissing the chair in the adjacent committee room" to the delegates. There is more to it that I won't be able to mention here but based on what I just said I ask parents, students and the people who still think, should we allow such events to take place?

Should we let our children be bullied by these so called authorities? Should we let these MUN people get away with what they have done? Are these events organized by keeping the Islamic injunctions and norms in mind?

Do we want to merge our culture with west? Do we want our children to be ashamed of their values because what I observed over there in spite of the fact that some 90% had strong reservations regarding the event yet no one came and forward and spoke anything about it cause those kids feared being labelled as backward and conservative.

I request the ministry of youth to ban the MUNSP from ever organizing an event. Because it's not like any substantial thing ever happens at these MUNs and the only youth platform that should be encouraged should be PYLC, because PYLC is worth attending because it is issue oriented and is based on the substantial grounds of youth actually discussing something worthwhile. model united nations