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Azadi March Protestors Worth Appreciating Pakistan, a country where emotions are manipulated in the name of favour, status, honour and rights. People agree on selling their stuff for the lowest price ever due to their unfulfilled emotional needs, tragedies and traumas in life. Our poor class cannot think of beyond that. They need to live, as they are alive! How can they become angry when they have no choice except to agree and saying, yes.

Even then I am watching people are on the roads to protest, to talk about their demands and to get what they want legally or illegally. They are no doubt courageously standing for their rights, dreams and the bright future. They look committed, motivated and highly concerned to their natural rights. They have proved to be persistent, consistent and wilful since they have not moved away an inch from their stand. Their energy is worth appreciating and worth saluting.

Apart from their political stance, this Pakistani people's crowd is well organized, peaceful and in spirit. They are gathered as per their own wish (not dragged here) and they are willingly participating in the movement ahead. So their love for their country and their feelings to bring a change cannot be ignored, rejected and prolonged. They have to be dealt with wisdom and intellect otherwise things will be worse than now.

However, people can retaliate, confront and ignore such a grand movement due to their own selfish aims. Yet these counterparts are not on the screen. We cannot find their strong voice against the D-Chowk crowd - they are no where else. Why not they are arguing, protesting and claiming against these groups - PTI and PAT? They are waiting for what? There is still time, they can speak a lot for their own conviction.

In fact, there is no other way left for the whole nation except to gather in front of the parliament. Their options have already been closed. They could not bring a change until or unless their corrupt leaders are there. They need to become powerful before cultivating fruits of equality, justice and democracy.

They need to be heard before the law for their private, social, cultural, human and religious rights. These people, representative of the whole society of Pakistan, are for the first time, gathered, for the right cause and hopefully they would bring a great change in the near future - a change of peace, prosperity, justice, power and equality.

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