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As a Pakhtun, I am ashamed how women are treated in our society

The birth of her was not an event of joy for family. Even the mother wishes God's decision to be the other way. For her whole life she never felt like a full part of the family but the one who extends her support to dominant members of the lot. Obedience and unquestionable acceptance was taught to her. She has been discriminated in the food, in the education, in the annual religious celebration (like Eid festivals) and even in the love from her parents. She was crushed emotionally by male members of the society.

The above mentioned situation may sound like illusion and must not reflect every family circumstance but for sure is of many. Women have been discriminated on the basis of gender from times unknown, been exploited for her physical weakness and her economic dependency. Man owe to women both as a family head and as a dominant member of the society. The trend of century's exploitation and suppression must get a full stop and its time they must be treated as an equal and respected segment of the society.

Although women are been blackmailed emotionally, economically, socially and on the basis of sexually of them are severe and breath taking at a time but I will focus in this particular piece on the economic exploitation. Its curse on part of the family heads that they considered women right to family assets as illegitimate and a threat to their sovereignty. With some sort of stuff been given to daughters and sisters in the marriages ( that's to because of the customs and to held their nose high at the society) after which they considered themselves free of any future bindings. It's ironical that women are been felt as unwanted duty and notion of honour been attached with them. Things get worse If she demands share in the family assets as Clearly instructed by Islam and is considered an evil. Social boycotts and emotional exploitation starts. If both the techniques didn't workout they are been threatened .with zero support from the society and state women often falls in the trap and gets ready for a compromise. The compromise of her is a slap on the society consciousness and exposes the state claim to provide protection and insurance of rights.

As a member of the Pakhtun culture I am ashamed of the fact that worst sort of exploitation been done with the opposite sex. They have never been considered as full fledged humans nor their rights have been accepted. They have been used to settle feuds and equal the number. Governments both at federal and provincial level must pass laws where state act as party in any of the issue effecting women. State must guarantee that they receive equal and legitimate share of theirs. It's their right and will free them economically thus violations against them will saw a decline. They will feel free to be themselves and put the effort in society up gradation in a more positive sense. Until then social justice can never be established.misogyny