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Are we becoming a pitiful society of sarcastic complainers?

It’s easier to talk about all of the wrong doings in the world and that’s why Pakistanis have becoming increasingly vocal complainers.What we ordinarily get to hear of roads being very poorly made, dirt and garbage all around, so much traffic on the roads, call each other ignorant and illiterate public… we always have something to whine about that doesn’t make any difference.

Habit of complaining destroys all hopes, this is so toxic as it kills innovation, makes people see things worse even if they are not actually, and people may end up being pessimistic, despondent, and negative. It is terrible, it makes you feel hopeless, helpless, and victimised. Accumulation of bad vibes adds up over time and impact our mood, our self-esteem, and even on our mental health.

Most of the people in our social system have this sort of negative nature. We are born crying, live complaining, and die disappointed. We complain too much and even do it ineffectively. This sort of behaviour is poisoning our home, neighbourhood, and workplace, leading to more and more arguments and ruining our social relationships. It’s normal to greet someone, express our care and concern for him whenever we meet with someone.But there is an ailment in our society that whenever folks gets together, it’s just a litany of complaints about each other, more likely to mention things that aren’t going well or we may strongly criticise each other. We are actually dying to put each others down. Even our humour has become very cynical and sarcastic. It refers that we may even be positive people who don’t actually know how to express themselves in a positive way.

There are some other people too, who just have a negative outlook of life and they also want everyone to know that nothing can ever be quite good enough. Spending 30 minutes with them can destroy your brain. When I find my feet at a university, take a look around myself, and found a bunch of complainers among our youth. I’d met with many folks who mostly get frustrated by the way things were happening around them. Economy, politics, studies, parents, teachers, topics is endless. They remain frustrated with lack of services, and most of them were unaware of the worth of their degree and the tremendous capabilities they possess. Chronic complaining causes them to take their eyes off their purpose, their promise, their destination. And I wonder that they didn’t even know they’re doing it. Though we all face some hardships and disappointments and it’s really not bad at all to have some critical discussion but when it became a habit and when we use this habit as a crutch for conversation and focus only on the frustrations of day-to-day life, we forgot to enjoy the positive elements of our lives that kills our creative and innovative capabilities and suck the joy out of our lives.

The blame-game is also a product of victim mentality. From family gatherings to assembly houses the three Cs (Criticise, condemn, and complain) is all we do. You can find this victim mindset as bases of many of our countrywide political campaigns too. I’ve always witnessed leaders’ speeches starts with the blame-game, ended with the selling point of their victim-hood narrative. Portrayal of martyrdom image, playing ethnic card, and selling the victim narratives is an entire story-line of every political campaign.

Constant complaining is toxic for society as a whole. It pushed away people you love, don’t solve any problems, instead ruins your day, drain your creativity and motivation. Moreover, allowing “Victim mentality” to rule, destroying our national institutions. Complaining is so much fun for our political candidates. And they love doing this way when they get the chance. Our politicians are the best victim mentality experts and they do this the most. They seem to occupy most of their time to feel sorry for their selves and wretched their political circumstances. This way they gain so much sympathy and valuable feelings of importance and sometimes even power too. They’ve all the reasons to make you feel pity on them. They always got plenty more stuff to cry. In this way they keep the cycle alive and kicking.

I think it’s now enough of playing the victim card in the name of the establishment that evoke sympathy for them. Although the role of the establishment is undeniable, but still they could’ve been restricted if our politicians would’ve ever shown their capability and knowledge to deal with the national issues. They can still demonstrate it and also by showing their commitment to work for some long-term gains.

Accept the problem so as to solve it!! We have to admit it that we live in a society of chronic complainers and need to learn how best to respond to your own, or someone else’s complain. We have to become more in charge of our emotions, reactions, and decisions and, beyond the blame-game we have to just stand up and say “This is my responsibility!” and we all share the responsibility of everything happening around us. Rejecting responsibility and refuse to be accountable for our own poor choices is perceived to be easier. Set out to make a change within ourselves will help us to achieve happiness. Stop complaining once and for all and start doing something about what bothers you. Expand your willingness to change will help you to experience a positive future. Activists, politicians, protests, and rallies won’t bring any real change. Bloody revolution would entail some sort of catastrophe, but yet not enough to destroy the rule so, the only way forward is the gradual and continuous development in public’s morale and ideas.