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America and India destabilize Pakistan America wants a separate state consists of Gilgit & Baltistan to make sure his presence in this area for its own interests, to keep an eye on China, and to finish the influence of China in Pakistan. India is in favour of this plan because if it happens then we will lose Kashmir also. America wants Baluchistan to be a separate state because of the massive reservoirs of Gold , copper and other minerals. America & India both are supporting BLA (Baluchistan ‘Liberation Army) & other terrorist groups to create insurgency in Pakistan.

Every Pakistani must understand that we are facing the sponsored terrorism and it has no relation with sectarianism. Our enemies has divided us into Punjabi, Sindhi , Balochi ,Saraiki, Pathan & Mohajir , and some of us further dividing ourselves into different sects. There may be lot of reasons for division but there is one reason to be united that we are Muslims. We must be united and stand together. We should consider the fact that when a Drone strikes in Pakistan, it kills Muslims. Drone does not differentiate between Sunni, Shia and Wahabi, it only kills Muslims.

Pakistan is going through the worst phase of its history. It is facing the problems of Terrorism, Inflation, Corruption, bad governance & external threats from its eastern and western borders. I am writing this blog especially for those people who think that a specific group of people or a specific sect is the target of the terrorist s. They are promoting Sectarianism in Pakistan.

They write columns, articles and blogs to state that a particular sect is being targeted by the terrorists. These kinds of people are also present on social media, they share videos, pictorials and comments to favour a particular sect and disgrace other sects.

In my opinion they are not helping their community, instead they are spreading hate between different sects. First of all we must be clear about the fact that Pakistan is facing the sponsored terrorism and it has no relation with sectarianism and it is not the war between different sects of Muslims. This terrorism is sponsored by America and India to destabilize Pakistan. These countries have their own objectives and interests to destabilize and divide Pakistan.

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