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A Nation of Shouting People It is not new on blogs and newspapers to see people showing concern for their country's grave situation. It is also not new for us to adjust to violence which has erupted over the time and caused harm to Pakistan's image.

Parts of Sindh are still wretched due to flood which hit our country a year back, Pharma issues in Punjab, confused situation in KPK where we are fighting or should I say trying to fight Taliban and Balochistan where demand for separate country can be heard.

The breaking news on TV channels have become so trivial that most of us don't care, all thanks to irresponsible journalists who have bought this insensitivity to the people of the Land of the Pure.

To me 2 things for now matter: One that as a nation we have a bad memory and second that we shout to make ourselves heard.

Forgot Akbar Bhugti's bombing by military, 1992 Karachi violence after which almost all police officer involved in operations were murdered time to time, Hakim Sayeed's murder, these so called religious leaders who once opposed creation of this country, crippling nations economy by doing multiple nuclear tests, the frauds by business tycoons, loss of east Pakistan, just randomly dropping Saqlain Mushtaq & Mushtaq Ahmed from cricket team and a lot more we have forgotten.

We just forget and we are fed with new tensions to keep our minds busy. Not that I say live in past but it is the past habit of forgetting which has resulted in what we call present Pakistan. We do not do enough, even as citizens, to ask for resolving past issues which should be resolved so that not many skeletons shall be stored in our closets.

We have forgotten how Quaid saw Pakistan and how once we all lived in peace & serenity. We have forgotten that Shia, Sunni, Christian, Hindu, Jew, Parsi, Ahmadi and other minorities are human beings first. We also have forgotten that respecting rights of fellow beings is made mandatory by our Lord Almighty.

The new found hobby of our countrymen is to shout. TV anchors are and their guests shout on live TV shows, politicians use loud music and speakers with a shouting voice to address public and teachers choosing to shout at kids these days more often.

Not even being a man of wisdom or claiming to be best being even I have learned that by screaming and shouting nothing can be resolved. Icing on the cake is when two people are in discussion and both start to shout.

It is painful agony that even the literate class, which goes to universities and higher studies, have the same crap ethics during communication. If all of us are right then who is wrong? And if no one is wrong why is Pakistan in worst situation?

Our dear media which has surely played positive role in bringing awareness to common people like me seems to fall prey to some black sheep who defy all ethics. If I were to suggest, shouting should be banned by anchors and a team of reporters would be hired to keep track of past issues and have a weekly show may be to give people updates and news. shouting