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Non-Stop Bloodbath Party

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By Dr Muhammad Iqbal

Even on a slow news day when stories from other countries of the world show people’s celebration, happiness and achievements, the ‘Land of the Pure’ is capable of producing continued, non-stop blood bath, blasts, sieges, attacks and death-fests for a ‘nation’ of it’s size.

So this post is for all the idiots who say that the idiots are writing about idiots who are calling Pakistan ‘bad names’.

  • “We are paying the price for America’s bloody war!” Howls the chic group of college kids before stepping into their air-conditioned vehicles and driving off to their homes in housing societies built by the Army.
  • “How can you not see India’s hands into all this!!!” Shouts a frothy-mouthed ‘activist’ of a political party who’d rather have the entire world turn against India to avenge God-knows-what ever since the time of ‘Independence’.
  • “ISI is the national asset!” Declares a ‘prime’ minister whose duties are to make sure democracy has no duties to perform.
  • “Ban the bloody bedbugs, burn the heretics worshipping places!” Vows a group of ‘pure’ religious party workers after a Friday sermon.
  • “Proud Pakistani!” Shouts a group of college students on motor-bikes exchanging videos of naked girls on their mobile phones.
  • “Naara-e-Takbeer!” Chants a fervent believer as he sprays bullets into a ‘blasphemous’ man he’s sworn to ‘body-guard’
  • “Order, Order!” Declares a ‘Justice’ while freeing the rapists of a poor woman for lack of ‘proper’ evidence.

The party goes on! The media loves it!

Please add your favourite stories of the Celebration!

  • Raghib

    “a ‘prime’ minister whose duties are to make sure democracy
    has no duties to perform”

    Touche! Keep rocking dr sahib! :)

  • LadyDada

    I shudder with the thought and wonder when will The bloodbath “party” reach Kalash to “purify” that piece of “scar” on the face of Pak Land :( Not in their radars right now I guess.

  • HS

    I don’t know about anyone else but please Dr Mohammad Iqbal saab write more posts!!!

    I only come to PP opinion to for your ops!

  • Salman Khan

    we shame on our slf a citizin of pakistan