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thanks for being there…
I am tired of reading politics,war,religion…tired of all that. I was genuinly looking for some news of normal human beings, art, life…of both the sides.india and pakistan.PakPositive realy gave me a breathing space. It is not easy to stay focused when you do not speak/behave something explosive…it is a challange to live simple like progressive normal human. I wish you good luck, keep hosting. keep thinking about simple normal people. BTW, my compliments to your design team as well, very nice graphic design and style.
Manish Kumar

A breeze of fresh air
That’s what PakPositive website is to me and this type of reporting is what all of our ‘other’ media should be doing instead of flying around rumors and kicking up dirt to get better ratings and audience. Thanks for promoting a positive image of Pakistan and our talented citizens.

Great idea, great site..!!!
Truly excellent site you have here. The wide array of news stories that you present and the simple, pleasant way that you present them in makes the site a real pleasure. The country and its people’s progress is portrayed extremely well, as is the ‘goodness’ that practically all of its people naturally possess. Well done. Keep up the good work!
Usama Sarwar