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Hi from India – II

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Hi again

As I mention in last opinion that Pakistani people are Reluctant to accept new culture and technology in their day to day life” it’’s true. Take the example of your website section FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions in which you himself mention that Indian media is “”simply ubiquitous”” on internet and the rezone behind this is we adopt this technology very well in our day to day life, we know all technology bring both positive and negative factor in society but for this rezone we canÂ’t ignore any new invention. When I discuss about the internet in Pakistan lot of people say it will ruin the cultural values. Is it true? Do you thing Pakistani culture is so naive? I don’’t think so, we are belonging from great nation and our cultural values are much strong then any nation. It’’s only one example which straitens my opinion; I can give you more examples. Thanks for give me this honor to share my thought.

From India

PakPositive: You’re most welcome, Anirudh. What you refer to is the influence of the internet and not the internet itself as technology, because the internet is just one aspect of broader technology. However, you are right about its influence because the influence is still debated here (as indeed in many other parts of the world, including India). But in terms of adopting technology, I think Pakistanis, as people, are almost at par (if not ahead) with the Indians – and I do not mean this in a competitive or defensive way, because I don’t really see it as a cultural argument. The Indians have simply benefited from their government’s openness of infrastructure with all things internet, while Pakistanis, more or less, have had to make do themselves. In fact, I would say the unprecedented mobile-telecommunication growth in Pakistan itself is an indication of how open people are with adapting new technology. Best regards. :)