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‘Turtle Lady of Karachi’ Saving Endangered Species

Turtles have existed since the days of the dinasaurs, or some 100 million years. Now this endangered species is under threat from pollution, trawler nets and beach development. Here, Zofeen T Ebrahim tells the remarkable story of one woman’s effort in Karachi, Pakistan, to protect this age-old creature. Farida Asrar Ghauri, 51, a Project Officer [...]

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Karachi zoo gets eight new species of birds

Three new species of mammals and eight new species of birds have been added to the existing inmates of Karachi Zoological Gardens (KZG). According to sources, most of the new entrants have been donated by various wildlife lovers. Before their arrival, there were 33 mammal species and 43 bird species at the zoo with the [...]

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Siberia Migratory Birds Start Arriving in Pakistan

Birds that migrate from Siberia to Pakistan and India during September to November have started arriving here and the NWFP Wildlife department has started organizing communities along river Kabul and Indus to contain hunting. Birds have started arriving in Pakistan as the winter season started in Siberia (Russia) and this activity will gain momentum if [...]

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Islamabad animals to move to nicer homes

The management of the Islamabad Zoo has devised a plan to provide animals with an environment as close to their natural habitat as possible, Forest Department Deputy Director Aurangzeb Awan said. The plan is aimed at attracting more visitors, he said. Mr Awan said that the zoo administration would improve the cages of leopards, wolfs, [...]

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