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Literature - 9

A Pakistan-born star on the British literary horizon

There is a new star on the literary horizon in Britain: Gujranwala-born Nadeem Aslam, whose second novel that took more than 10 years to write, has received rave reviews. The author moved with his family from Pakistan to England, settling in Huddersfield, Yorkshire when he was only 14. His father, he says, was a communist [...]

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‘History Street’ in Lahore

The Parks and Horticulture Authority will develop a ‘History Street’ for highlighting the historic buildings in the Walled City while the City District Government will restore the existing city gates. Chief Secretary Kamran Rasul was informed about the plan by Parks and Horticulture Authority Director-General Shabbir Ahmad and District Coordination Officer Khalid Sultan during a [...]

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Iran more democratic, liberal than Pakistan? Not by a long shot!

This is reference to the article by Richard Bulliet “Worry about Pakistan, not Iran.” Having lived in and loved both Pakistan and Iran, I can safely say that some of the writers assertions were based on blatant untruths, concocted deliberately to defame Pakistan. It seems to me that the only political pawn for people like [...]

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