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Food - 6

Spices, pickles a hit with Pakistani tourists to India

Many Pakistani nationals travelling on the Samjhauta Express train that chugs out of the national capital twice a week usually go away with quantities of spices, pickles and grocery items. Senior Indian officials admit most such passengers are let through but action is taken against those who try to carry large quantities of items for [...]

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Pakistan mango festival in Beijing from today

A month-long Pakistan Mango festival will begin in Beijing today (Friday). It will formally set in motion the export of Pakistani mango, which was allowed by the Chinese government last month. During the festival, mangoes would be displayed in super stores.

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The man who can eat ‘anything’

Fifty-five-year-old Allah Wasayo is still unmarried. He complains his relatives turned down his proposals of marriage fearing that he would eat up his wife. To be fair to them, their fears were not entirely unfounded. Mr Wasayo munches tube lights and teacups and consumes huge quantity of food with equal ease. A Sindhi-speaking Qambrani, Mr [...]

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Chefs flown in from Lahore for Pakistan food festival in Shimla

Gourmets thronged the ongoing Pakistani food festival being held in this picturesque city. Chefs flown in from Lahore would present around 200 preparations over the next few days. The ten-day festival is a sure invitation for foodies to delight their taste buds with the spicy Pakistani cuisine. Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh, who opened [...]

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