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Britain’s First Pakistani Film Festival

Titled Pehlee Dharkan (first heartbeat), the film festival intends to inform audiences and the wider community on what film-making in Pakistan really has to offer. The festival will screen contemporary films from the budding independent cinema movement; have a retrospective of classic Pakistani films; show short films and documentaries on political, environmental and health issues [...]

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Found by Asim

Pakistani Filmmakers Remember Golden Days

Movie houses that once saw audiences queue for Pakistan’s home-grown “Lollywood” productions now say they need to screen films made by their once bitter rivals in glitzy Mumbai, the former Bombay, in order to survive. In the golden age of Pakistani cinema in the 1960s and 1970s, four studios in Lahore and two in Karachi [...]

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Europe’s First Pakistani Film Festival Planned in UK

This film festival is a chance to let people know what film-making in Pakistan really has to offer and by bringing feature films, ocumentaries and shorts to the UK it will offer a unique opportunity to savour the experience of a socially-engaged documentary/art-film sector as well as the entertaining and cultish world of commercial cinema [...]

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Kashmir Festival Brings Pakistan India Border Guards Together

In the searing heat of 45 degrees Celsius, Indian and Pakistani border guards are preparing for a festival in the memory of Chamlayal Baba, a revered figure on both sides of the border near Jammu and Kashmir’s winter capital Jammu. Thousands of devotees from both sides of the border join the annual festival on the [...]

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Islamabad Too Hot for French, German Rock Bands

German rock group ‘Ikarus’ and French rock band ‘Lunatic Age’ are currently in town to participate in a Mega Rock Festival marking International Music Day. Members of both rock groups shared their feelings and experiences with ‘The News’ Tuesday. ‘Lunatic Age,’ the French rock band, finds its visit “exciting and exotic”. For ‘Ikarus,’ the German [...]

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Pakistani Documentary Maker Wins US Film Award

The Discovery Times Channel’s Sharmeen Obaid, 27, was awarded the prize for international reporting for “Reinventing the Taliban,” a 46-minute documentary about the MMA, a Pakistan-based group similar to the Taliban whose power is growing. The $10,000 prizes go to journalists under the age of 35 and are the largest all-media general-reporting awards in the [...]

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Pakistani Showman Casts Indian Actress for Song

If Bollywood is taking efforts to cement the friendship between India and Pakistan, Lollywood is not far behind. In his attempt to enhance the business and friendship between two nations, Javed Raza, known as Pakistan’s showman; has roped in Bollywood hottie Neha Dhupia for an item number in his Pak film, Kabhi Pyar Na Karna.

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Found by Rashna

European Documentary Film Festival Opens in Karachi

The second smallest continent of the world, Europe plays host to people belonging to different cultures, speaking different languages and espousing different religious ideas. By embracing such religious and cultural diversity, Europe negates the theory of clash of civilizations. The first documentary screened on Friday night was about Jean Monnet (1888-1979), who is widely regarded [...]

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A Film Based on a Faiz Poem

The story of “We are the light of the world,” is based on Faiz Ahmad Faiz’s poem that he wrote as a gesture of solidarity with the women of the world who were meeting at UN forum in Mexico City in 1975. With dramatic narration and impressions of girls who have undergone skill training through [...]

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Pakistan’s First Film School Begins by Learning Documentaries

The students at the National College of Arts‘ (NCA) Film and TV Department have made short documentaries on noted personalities of the Walled City as their first assignment at the new department. The department, the only one of its kind in Pakistan, was established in January this year and enrolled 16 students selected from all [...]

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