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Pakistan Sets World Record by Planting Half a Million Trees in a Day

A new world record is set by volunteers in Sindh by planting 541,176 trees in a single day, according to the Guinness World Records. The record-breaking tree-planting marathon was witnessed by representatives of Guinness World Records and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. Some 300 volunteers, working in groups, planted mangrove saplings in [...]

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Suggested by Omar

Pakistan Opens the World’s Largest Milk Processing Plant

Swiss dairy giant Nestle has made Pakistan the home of world’s largest ever milk production plant. The 2 million-litre-a-day Punjab-based milk processing facility will rise to over three million liters in coming years. Pakistan is the world’s fourth-largest milk producer, and Asia’s second-largest, behind India, so the location of Nestlé’s latest investment is fitting. Since [...]

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First Biotech Cotton Grown in Pakistan

Biotechnology offers tremendous benefits to the agriculture in Pakistan. Agriculture biotechnology is helping today to provide people with more and better crops, food and holds even greater promise for the future. Cotton is an important cash crop for Pakistan known as ‘white gold’. It accounts for 8.2 percent of the value added in agriculture and [...]

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Pakistani ‘Silver Fibre’ Called the Best Cotton in the World

The quality of Pakistani silver fibre is the best in the world. This was stated by Gen Herwig M Strolz, the director-general of the International Trade Manufacturers Federation (ITMF), Switzerland. Gen Strolz said the quality cotton products could not be produced without Pakistani cotton because its silver fibre was the strongest and longest in the [...]

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Found by Ameer

Longan – A South East Asian Fruit in Pakistan

Longan looks like lychee, is much sweeter and yields twice as much as the best lychee tree. Its fruit is smaller than lychee, and has brown smooth skin and therefore is called ‘Little Brother of Lychee’. It is very popular in South-East Asia where from large quantities are exported to Europe and so why shouldn’t [...]

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Pakistan’s Sindhi Dates Set to be Marketed in USA

The Indus Valley is arguably the world’s foremost area for growing dates. Cultivation from this region is traced as far back as the 6th century B.C. Indus Valley date is rich in vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates, plus it has no cholesterol or fat. It could very well be earth’s perfect food.” The new alliance provides [...]

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China to Become Largest Pakistani Rice Importer

Pakistani rice is expected to enter into Chinese market by June 2005 as the two countries signed a protocol and exporters see the Asian country as largest single buyer of the Pakistani varieties, which could double country’s rice export figures. China, world’s biggest consumer of rice, agreed to buy rice from Pakistan following consent to [...]

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John Deere to Manufacture State-of-the-art Tractors in Pakistan

The Agro Tractors (Pvt) Ltd (ATL) has signed an agreement with John Deere, the US-based world leader in agriculture industry, for assembling and progressive manufacturing of tractors in Pakistan. ‘The tractors would be state of the art and technologically more advanced in every department than locally produced models offered in Pakistan,’ said Gibran Khan and [...]

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Karachi Flower Show Begins

Various nurseries from the city and from Lahore have amassed a great. Floriculture treasure, an unprecedented precedent of an overall improvement in cultivars, hybridisation, selection of graded seeds and floriculture are that vies well with any of the best shows in the world. The dahlias, the pansies, calendulas, anti rrhinums, carnations and other winter annuals [...]

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Bumper Pakistan Cotton Crop Likely

Expectations of a record cotton crop in Pakistan have lifted prospects for the country’s textile sector, just as it faces the challenge of the global quota-free trade regime that came in to effect last month.Pakistan is expected to produce at least 13.7m bales (of 375lbs each) in the year ending June, up from a target [...]

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